12 Horrifying Halloween Masks (Scary Scary Masks!)


The best scary Halloween masks make ghosts gasp and ghouls scream. While some Halloween costume party masks make us blush, these scary masks give us goosebumps. It’s surprising how much a latex mask can make us feel. The horror faces on these realistic masks feel all too real and all too scary. So for Halloween 2019, if you want to make an impression that won’t be forgotten, choose your costume from these scary Halloween masks. 

Spooky, Striking & Scary Halloween Masks For 2019

1. Ned Kelly’s Helmet Party Mask

Ned Kelly is an Aussie icon. This realistic mask is modelled off his suit of armour handmade by Ned Kelly, before his last stand against the police. It’s the ultimate mask for an Aussie Halloween party. 

2. Life-Sized Gladiator Warrior Helmet

The Gladiator mask strikes fear in the hearts of tyrants everywhere. Gladiator was a heroic character, so you don’t have to dress up as the bad guy—you can be the hero. 

3. Crying Baby Party Mask

A crying baby gets a reaction from even the toughest of people. Nobody wants to see a baby cry—especially at a Halloween party. So this party mask is sure to create quite an impression. 

4. Donald Trump Latex Party Mask

While some may say a Crying Baby Mask is sufficiently symbolic of Donald Trump, this is the most realistic Trump mask. 

5. Kim Jong-Un Latex Party Mask

While we’re talking about unstable leaders, we can’t go past Kim Jong-Un. Or North Korea’s Donald Trump as some call him. These horror faces, especially when worn together, create the scariest Halloween political party possible. 

6. German Shepherd Party Mask

German Shepherd’s are a beautiful breed. And incredibly intelligent. If you’re a dog lover, you’d be barking mad not to consider it for Halloween 2019. 

7. Horse Head Mask

Along with the German Shepherd, horses are a beautiful beast. And while a horse head was terrifying in The Godfather movie, your horse head mask can simply be majestic this Halloween. 

8. Knitted Beard Beanie

This hilarious Knitted Beard Beanie isn’t a scary mask. It’s a fun mask. For those who have always wanted to grow a beard but couldn’t, it’s the perfect costume for Halloween. 

9. Pug Party Mask

Turn your Halloween party into a pug party with this awesome latex mask. We know how much people love their pugs, which is why this is always one of the most popular masks on Halloween. 

10. Magical Unicorn Mask

Everyone dreams of spotting a unicorn. When you wear this mask to your Halloween party you’ll be giving everyone the opportunity. So you won’t only be looking magical with this mask, you’ll be fulfilling everyone’s childhood dream of spotting a unicorn. 

11. Official Star Wars Stormtrooper 1:1 Scale

Star Wars are one of the most popular movie franchises in history. So you know your Stormtrooper mask is going to be a hit. 

12. Smiling Poo Emoji Latex Party Mask

Don’t worry, this Smiling Poo Emoji Latex Mask doesn’t smell. In fact, it makes most people laugh at the sight of it. It may only be one colour, but it’s sure to stand out at even the wildest of Halloween parties. 

Is it just a scary Halloween mask? Or something more?

Does a Halloween mask simply hide your face? Is it just a costume, or something more? Could it, perhaps, reveal your darker side? As the author Christoper Barzak said, “Nothing is more real than the masks we make to show each other who we are.” 

But perhaps it doesn’t show us who we are… perhaps scary Halloween masks show us what we fear most. Perhaps the 31st of October is the one day our subconscious shows us what to look out for. Could that be why Kim Jon Un and Donald Trump masks sell so well? 

Whatever the reason we choose them, there’s no denying how fun scary Halloween masks are. Without doubt, part of the fun is the fear. We all love a good scare. And we all aspire to confront our fears. While Halloween is a playful party, scary masks may be something more. So this Halloween, forget the sexy dresses and hunk costumes and face pop-cultures fears with these uber-popular scary Halloween masks.