Hobbies for Men: 10 Life Changing Health Benefits [Infographic]

Hobbies For Men - Health Benefits

For Men's Health Week, we talked to some health professionals about the various benefits (both mental and physical) men can derive from having a hobby.

June 13-19 in Australia is Men’s Health Week, a week where communities are encouraged to reach out to men, boys and their families to promote health and wellbeing. And we’re getting involved with this infographic about the benefits of hobbies for men!

The truth of the matter is, blokes simply don’t take care of themselves as well as they should. When compared to women, the statistics about men’s health are damning. But we can change that!

At Yellow Octopus, we’re all about embracing fun and exploring your inner child! And we care about our blokes!

We think having a hobby is a great way of keeping your mind and body active. We spoke to some highly qualified health professionals and they agreed.

There are heaps of benefits of having a hobby: you can meet new people, stay fit and keep your brain from going mushy.

Join a team, join a club, build something, solve something, get outdoors!

With that in mind here are 10 amazing benefits of having a hobby, that you, or someone you love, can start reaping today! There’s also men’s health statistics and some useful health resources for Australian men.

The motto of Men’s Health Week 2016 is “Living with purpose, building on health” – so start today! Hobbies for men, hobbies for health!

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