Herb Garden Ideas – Get Started Today!


Can you notice the richer flavour of fresh herbs? Many people are happy to shake some dried basil and thaw out some frozen parsley for dinner. But if you love the flavour of fresh herbs, why not grow them yourself? You can go from pot to pan in seconds. In fact, you can get started today. Here’s everything you need to get started…


Step 1. What’s Your Flavour? It’s Time To Select Your Seeds

You need your seeds to start your herb garden. So what’s your flavour? Traditional? Spicy? Everything? You can pick your favourites below…


1.1 Micro Herbs Window Sill Planter Box Grow Kit

Herb Garden Ideas - Get Started Today!Love the classics? This kit of micro herbs contains basil seeds, parsley seeds, and chive seeds. If you want to start your herb garden with some classic seeds—this is the kit for you.


1.2 Cocktail Herbs Grow Kit

Herb Garden Ideas - Get Started Today!Fancy a cocktail with dinner? In this ready-to-go-kit you won’t only find Basil Cinnamon, Strawberries, Lemon Balm, Blue Borage and Korean Mint. You’ll also find recipes so you can add your herbs to home made cocktails.


1.3 ‘Some Like It Hot’ Pepper Grow Kit

Herb Garden Ideas - Get Started Today!Some like their herbs subtle, some like them hot. This kit lets you grow Jalapeno, Chilli Serrano Red, Sweet Banana, Californian Wonder and Purple Beauty peppers. Remember, if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the herb garden!

Step 2. Want To Grow Your Herbs In Style? Pick A Planter Or Pot

Sure, you could just plant your herbs in the dirt outside your window. If you didn’t buy one of the kits above, you can still plant them in style with these pots…


2.1 Pearlescent Mermaid Tail Plant Pot

Herb Garden Ideas - Get Started Today!Even the healthiest herbs will struggle to look as good as this Mermaid Tail pot.


2.2 Hanging Planter Pots: for Fences & Railings

Herb Garden Ideas - Get Started Today!Want to keep it traditional? These classic pots are perfect for your classic herbs. Plus they can sit out of the way on your fence.


2.3 Brachiosaurus Ceramic Dinosaur Planter Pot

Herb Garden Ideas - Get Started Today!What could be more fun than keeping your herbs in this awesome Dinosaur Planter Pot?

Step 3. Nurture Or Nature? Don’t Rely On Rainfall: Water Your Herbs

Your herbs don’t only need your love and attention. They need water and they need it regularly. These clever contraptions will help keep your herbs healthy and happy.


3.1 Care-It Carrot Plant Self-Watering Device

Herb Garden Ideas - Get Started Today!Don’t do all the hard work yourself. Take advantage of this clever self-watering device.

3.2 Bird Bubble Plant Water Feeder

Herb Garden Ideas - Get Started Today!Keep your plant watered and herd garden looking stylish with this water feeder.

3.3 Rainmaker Plant-watering Drink Bottle Attachment

Herb Garden Ideas - Get Started Today!Turn your drink bottle into a watering can with this clever attachment.

Step 4. Who’s Your Herb Hero? Protect Your Vulnerable Herbs

4.1 Ninja Garden Gnome

Herb Garden Ideas - Get Started Today!Who’s going to protect your herbs when you’re not home? This Ninja Garden Gnome. That’s who.


4.2 4M Kidz Labs – Weather Station

Herb Garden Ideas - Get Started Today!Keep an eye on the weather with this fun weather station. Perhaps this is one task you can hand off to the kids.

4.3 Fresh Herb Storage Canister & 5-Blade Herb Scissors Set

Herb Garden Ideas - Get Started Today!Just because you’ve picked your herbs, it doesn’t mean you can stop caring for them.

Keep your herbs fresh with this storage canister.

Ready to grow your own herb garden? Then grab your kit and get started today!