18 Cute And Cuddly Hedgehog Pictures – 5 Minutes of Joy

The cutest hedgehog photographs in the world 

They may look prickly on the outside, but these photos show that hedgehogs can be incredibly cute and cuddly. There’s a hedgehog holding onto a rubber ducky, a baby hedgehog in a blanket, and even a rockstar hedgehog. These beautiful pictures show us how special this spiny species really is. And whilst hedgehogs are usually incredibly shy, they’ve agreed to be centre stage in these adorably cute hedgehog photos. 

At Yellow Octopus, our 5 Minutes of Joy series is here to keep you smiling. We’re sharing the cutest photographs, funniest jokes, and the most inspiring moments from around the world. 

18 photographs of the cutest and cuddliest hedgehogs

1. To infinity and beyond

2. Cute capsule

3. All wrapped up

4. Cupcakes

5. Traffic sucks

6. My rubber ducky

7. Cactus

8. First breath

9. Hello

10. Rockstar

11. Game of Thrones

12. Hedged-in

13. Mum and bub

14. Hipster hedgehog

15. If I fits, I sits

16. Apple of my eye

17. Bookworm

18. Handle with care

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