Halloween 2013 Costume Ideas: HOT and NOT


Halloween is fast approaching, and just because it’s an American holiday, doesn’t mean us Aussies can’t have a bit of spook too.

As an adult, there is probably nothing as nostalgic, or fun as a dress-up party. We definitely encourage a naughty costume, but get the most enjoyment out of something completely off the grid.

Here’s a list of what’s HOT and what’s NOT for Halloween costumes in 2013.




Why? Well…Unicorns are awesome. Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn….then we highly suggest you be a unicorn. Your costume doesn’t have to be a fury-full-fledged body suit; you can definitely make this one sexy.



Why? The Walking Dead is one of the hottest TV shows, and it’s definitely the driving force behind the world’s zombie obsession. It’s easy, you could potentially wear your own clothes, add a few rips and blood (red dye please), and you’re sorted!



Why? Give Superman a rest this year, he’s getting old! Thor is HOT HOT HOT at the moment! (See: Chris Hemsworth)

Katniss Everdeen


Why? Katniss is the spy, the girl-hero, and the girl next door, all wrapped into one. Be fierce, and have fun with this one!



Why? American Horror Story: Coven, that’s all we’re saying. Witches are back, and it’s seriously freaking us out! We’re talking the medieval looking sort. Sexy, dark and ominous, and sure to freak a few of your friends!



Miley Cyrus


Why? She’s hot in an off-the-rails sort of way, but you will just be that try-hard who wears the least amount of clothes possible.



Why? For some, ABBA is enjoyed, for others – it burns they’re ears and leaves them feeling like kittens are dying. Bad looking outfits included.



Why? Admittedly acceptable in the house, behind a brick wall, with the lights off, where no one can see you. Crawling into a Halloween party with this on is taking the easy way out. Boring!

A Hobbit


Why? Facial hair on men can be super attractive, even beards can be hot. You’re going to have to do some serious growing to pull this one off. Yuck!


There you have it! Stay tuned because we will be bringing you more Halloween 2013 ideas…very soon…



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