Gifts That Say ‘I Like You’ And Not ‘I Love You’, To That Special Someone


You have gone out with her a few times and you’ve come to a conclusion that you like her. You want to give her a gift that lets her know that you do. What could be a good gift that says ‘I like you’?

In case you have no idea, we have some which might be useful.

Pets Rock Lady Gaga Mug Shot $14.95


So you both like listening to Lady Gaga. How about this memorable mug to remind her of your favourite artist?

“Work Less Enjoy Life”Journal $14.95


Make her enjoy life and let her make notes of each joyful moment. Life is full of lovely surprises which are worth remembering.

Letter Pressed Cookie Cutter By Fred$24.95


Spell out ‘I like you’ with these cookie cutters. She’ll surely blush and want to bake more cookies to respond to you and say ‘I like you, too’.

Adventure Time Finn Pop! Vinyl Figure $15.95


Is she’s a fan of Adventure Time? This Finn pop Vinyl would be good for her desk. It’s so cute and looks exactly like the cartoon series character.

Minecraft Redstone Light-Up Ore $31.95


This is a great night light for Mincraft fans. Tap once for low light, a second time for medium and third time for the brightest light. It’s perfect for nights with her.


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