Gifts For Your Master Chef Girlfriend


You are a lucky guy! You have a girlfriend who’s a master chef and cooks delicious meals. (Wow! I wish I was in your place.) Perhaps you could nourish her hobby and skills with a few things which she needs and are useful for her kitchen.

Surprise her with any of these.

Owl Egg Shaper Funny Side Up | by Fred $14.95


This egg shaper would give fried eggs a quirky look, as they are turned into the shape of an owl.

Joseph Joseph Rocker™ Garlic Crusher$13.95


With a rocking motion, this tool breaks garlic cloves easily through its holes. The crushed garlic can be scraped from the surface and placed on to any dish of her choice.

Cooking Guide Apron | by Suck UK $30.95


Not that she needs the information, but just in case, this is a very useful apron with details on how to cook vegetables, roast poultry, and defrost, plus a cooking glossary. The only thing that your girlfriend needs to do is look down or lift the apron up to see how to do them.

Nest™ Measuring Preparation Set 7Plus Joseph Joseph $59.95


This measuring set is complete with 7 measuring cups and a bowl which can be stacked together for a compact storage. It’s a ‘must have’ for any master chef.

Bakeball Bat Rolling Pin | Suck UK $22.95


This is a rolling pin in the shape of a baseball bat. It’s perfect for your master chef girlfriend who likes to cook pastries like cookies.

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