Gifts For Workaholics


Are you a workaholic or you know someone who is? Do you want to give yourself or your friend a gift which will relieve him, or her, of all the stress he or she feels? Do you want to keep work exciting and fun, even with so much pressure?

Be relieved of so much stress and pressure at work. Let us help you do so!

Stress Paul Stress Reliever | by Suck UK  $19.90


This gift is perfect for a stressed out workaholic friend. He could just let it all out by simply squeezing Paul.

Space Invaders Stress Ball $14.95


This is a cheap way to relieve stress. Simply squeeze and release all that stress which has built up at work.

Dead Fred Pen Holder | by Suck UK $18.95  


Take out all that anger you feel. Stab Fred and release all that frustration you feel.

Splat Stan Coaster | by Suck UK $18.95


Even if you work all day and have coffee all the time, Splat Stan would keep your table top neat and clean all the time.

Notebook & Pencil | Suck UK $6.95


If your friend wants to keep everything orgainised, he could do so with this notebook and pencil. Let him write his notes and thoughts in one place.

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