Gifts For Mum This Autumn

The cool season of autumn is perfect for spending some quality time with mum. So, why not surprise her the next time you visit her at home. It’s a perfect time for you to share some quirky gifts which will surely make her laugh.

Keep Calm and Carry On Mug $14.95


Delight mum with a cup of tea or coffee on a cool autumn night. This perfectly coloured mug would do the trick.

Black Cat Silhouette Umbrella $24.95


If you want to protect mum from the rainy weather outside, then this is the perfect pick. It’s handy and sturdy. Perfect for rainy or sunny weathers.

Gingerdead Men Cookie Cutters and Stamp by Fred $10.95


So, mum loves to bake. Help her cook funny looking cookies with these cookie cutters.

Retro Combi Van Table Lamp $39.50


This table lamp is perfect for mums who like vintage items. It’s a retro lamp which she can put on her beside desk or the living room.

Lil’ Dude Pint-Sized Plant (Set of 3) $19.95


If mum likes to garden, then these are perfect for her hobby. It’ll let her plant green grass on them. She can also put flowers in them if she wants to.

There are more autumn gifts for mum on www.yellowoctopus.com.au



Matt: Marketing MaestroIt’s all very well and good having the absolute best gifts under the Australian sun, but word needs to get out to all potential Octopus aficionados about what our Cave of Wonders has to offer. Luckily, we have this flame-haired marketing maestro to make sure the name of Yellow Octopus is shouted from all the rooftops and heard through every grapevine. Matt is a magician at marketing matters and has spread the word of awesome gifts to every corner of Straya and beyond. His ideas just keep getting cooler and quirkier, so keep an eye out for exciting developments happening in the very near future!

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