Gifts For Dad This Autumn


In autumn, the outdoors may be cool with occasional rain showers every now and then. Dad will likely want to stay indoors to avoid these. And there are ways to entertain him inside the home.

Kymera Magic Wand TV Remote Control $89.95


This magic wand would let dad watch his favourite movies or tv shows with style. Like a magic wand does, gestures could switch one channel to another. It’s an amazing way to watch his favourite sitcom or soap.

Self Stirring Mug $21.95


This self stirring mug would let dad stir his coffee or tea without using a spoon. Just press the button on the handle and it’ll stir the drink automatically.

The Wine Glass Bottle $23.50


This wine glass is perfect for cool nights when dad wants to warm it up with wine. There is no need to refill the glass every now and then, because it can be filled with an entire bottle of wine.

Gun Alarm Clock $38.95


It’s a fun way to wake up in the morning with this alarm clock. Just aim, shoot and fire.


24 Carat Gold Plated Playing Cards $29.95


This is perfect for poker nights. Dad would truly enjoy late night card games with these luxurious gold plated playing cards.

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