Gifts For A Couch Potato Dad

Is your dad a couch potato? Does he want to spend more time in front of the TV or his computer? Is sitting on the couch almost the whole day a normal thing for him? Does he like sitting down, reading books, magazines or newspaper? If you answered ‘yes’ to all these questions, you have a certified couch potato Dad.

Did you know that there are actually gifts that will suit the taste of your couch potato dad? We have made a list for you, just in case you are looking for some.


Dads, like our mums, are our models and heroes. If this is how you feel about your dad, why not let him know. He’ll love to sip his favourite beverages on this mug once he gets it.
Give Dad’s TV viewing a bit of spice with a cool TV remote control. He’d be like a wizard switching one channel to another. A good way to add a bit of creativity to the traditional way of watching TV programs.
If your Dad loves listening to music using a Bluetooth device like an iPhone or an Android, this is the best way to do so. The speaker doesn’t need any batteries because it comes with a charger that will recharge it in case it has no more power. It even has the power to create an output of 85 decibels. Treat your Dad to a lovely speaker that will help him enjoy music more.




Dad probably likes to take a nap on the couch whenever he feels like it. Make his naps more enjoyable with this fluffy red pillow. It would make is naps so comfortable, it’d even might make him take long ones.

When he’s having guests over, perhaps he could entertain them with these card games. There are tricks, puzzles, and games tucked inside in every tin. All perfect for parties or something to amuse the guests with.
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