Gifts For Control Freaks


Do you have a friend or a work mate who always wants to be in control of everything? She/he wants everything perfect and always in its right place. He/She is also very particular about everything, or in short, she/he is a real control freak.

Now, her/his birthday, or anniversary, is coming up but you’re struggling at finding the perfect gift for her/him? We just might be able to help you out with that.

The Henry Desktop Vacuum $29.95


It’s absolutely necessary for him to have a clean desktop. This handy vacuum cleaner will surely keep your control freak friend’s computer squeaky clean. After using, he can be kept inside his drawer. He’ll fit right in perfectly because he’s really cute.

Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitiser $12.95


Okay, he always likes his hands sanitised.  Don’t argue! Help him do so with this handy sanitiser. It’s very handy and can be kept either in his bag or his office drawer. He can have it anywhere he goes.                                                                           

Cut ToThe Cheese Knife Set $17.95


Have the perfect utensils for her cheese. Help her cut her cheese with this knife set. With these, she’ll be able to use the perfect knife for all the different kinds of cheese in her kitchen.

The Cubicle Guest Book $17.95


How about a guest book for the cubicle? Help your friend keep track of those who come in and out of his cubicle. Put fun into work and have something this quirky to help you out with it.

Ladybug Ladybird Palm Held Dish Brush $9.95


Help her get rid of all the dirt on all her dishes and utensils.  Help her keep them clean and neat all the time. Look no more, this cute and funny looking brush would do that job.


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