Gifts For A Boyfriend Who Likes Games


Your boyfriend likes games. He’s sort of like the geeky type who has a fascination for indoor and outdoor games. Whenever he’s not doing anything, he likes to play with anything that challenges his mind.

Here are a few tips which will help him indulge his liking for games.

Tabletop Trivia Quiz Card Games $6.95


This is a fun table top game, which will surely be fun when you’re having snacks, drinks or coffee. The funny trivia questions would definitely make him laugh as you answer each.

Retro Snakes and Ladders By Lots O’ Fun $5.95


This classic game is a fun board game either with kids or with friends. Get to the top fast and first to win the game.

Tetris Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge$14.90


If your boyfriend loves puzzles, this is a really challenging jigsaw puzzle. Let him complete it as fast as he could.

Travel Poker Set By Zap $19.95


He doesn’t have to go to Vegas to play poker. This is a handy travel poker set which can be brought anywhere. Enjoy the essence of the game wherever you are.

Wooden Pick Up Sticks $12.50


This classic game is perfect for lazy afternoons or weekends. I’m sure he’d have a good time playing it with the kids or friends at home.

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