Need an awesome gift hamper? You’re in the right place. This ultimate guide to gift hampers and baskets will show you exactly what you need; whether you’re shopping for a special occasion, have an idea in mind, or want to hand-pick your own products. So if you’re ready to put a huge smile on a loved one’s face, let’s unpack these hampers.


  1. Set of 2 Diamond Whiskey Tumblers
  2. Cheeseporn Cheese Board & Knife Set
  3. Cast Iron Bear Head Bottle Opener
  4. After Dinner Trivia Game
  5. Beer & Whiskey BBQ Condiments Set
  6. World’s Smallest Magic 8 Ball
  7. 21 Days To Stop Technology Addiction Challenge
  8. Mad Millie Make Your Own Cheese Kit
  9. First World Problems – The Card Game
  10. Sharkey Multi-Tool | True Utility



Chocolate, Wine and More Gift Hampers for Him and Her

1. Chocolate Gift Baskets

Chocolate gift hampers are guaranteed to be appreciated. There’s no one on the planet that won’t love our chocolate gift baskets. Whether it’s a funny chocolate bar or a make-your-own chocolate kit, everything in the hamper will be consumed very quickly. Furthermore, while most of our hampers are given as gifts, it’s completely understandable if you purchase the chocolate gift basket for yourself. We won’t judge. We bought one too. 

Top 5 chocolate gift hamper ideas:

  1. Chocolate Survival-Kit Bar
  2. My Chocolate Making Set
  3. Wombat Poo Chocolate Cubes
  4. Emergency Chocolate Bar | Milk Chocolate
  5. Cake in a Mug – Chocolate Cake in 2 Minutes!

2. Wine Gift Hampers

Second only to chocolate gift baskets, wine gift hampers are beloved by all. Along with the classic wine, cheese and biscuits, a wine hamper from Yellow Octopus includes all kinds of quirky wine accessories. There are hilarious aprons, naught bottle stoppers, and wine glasses so big that you’ll only need one. So if you’re looking for a hamper to relax with on a Friday night or Sunday evening, our wine hampers are ready. 

Top 5 wine hamper ideas:

  1. 8-in-1 Cheese & Wine Multi Tool
  2. Wine Bottle Tie Corkscrew
  3. Wine Vacuum Stoppers
  4. Delicious Donut Wine Markers
  5. Wine Spill-Proof Sippy Cup

3. Luxury Gift Hampers

If it’s not the best, you won’t find it in these hampers. Taking only the finest produce, the latest technology, and most aesthetic designs—luxury gift hampers are a class above. From fourth-generation French wines to hand-woven cashmere neckties, they would honour even Queen Elizabeth. So if you’re looking to make a lasting impression with an impressive hamper that lasts generations, you can’t beat our luxury options.  

Top 5 luxury hamper ideas:

  1. Sipski Shower Bath Wine Glass Holder
  2. You’re So Damn Pretty Luxury Soap
  3. Wicked Sweet Tooth Dessert Sauce Gift Set
  4. Smoko USB Rechargeable Heated Smiling Heart Pillow
  5. London Clock Wooden Clock

4. Cheap Gift Hampers Australia

Hampers don’t have to be expensive to be amazing. These affordable and cheap gift hampers prove that. With fun toys, clever kitchen gadgets, and tasty treats, there’s a hamper for everyone—at every price. Whether it’s for a Kris Kringle and you’re limited by the amount you can spend, or you’re looking for the best value for money, these cheap gift hampers Australia are an excellent purchase. 

Top 5 cheap hamper ideas:

  1. The Tequila Mockingbird Cocktail Kit
  2. Decorative Photo-Realistic Dog Cushions
  3. Emergency Chocolate Bar 
  4. Silicone Glow In The Dark Wine Cup
  5. Tabletop Entertainment Fun in a Tin

5. Baby Gift Baskets

No, these aren’t extra small gift baskets. They’re hampers for babies; filled with cuddly toys, pacifiers, and storybooks. They are perfect for a christening, first birthday, easter surprise, Christmas, or baby shower. You want to welcome a baby into the world with a great gift, and for that, you cannot beat our baby gift baskets. 

Top 5 baby hamper ideas:

  1. Baby Keepsake Memory Box
  2. Cheeky Monkey Baby Shower Gift Hamper
  3. Babychino Kids Sippy Cup
  4. Organic Baby Sock Set of 3
  5. 100 Baby Trivia Questions For New Parents

6. Gift Hampers For Him

Gift hampers for men should be like him: full of surprises. He’s spontaneous, fun and loving—gift hampers for him should be too. They include stubby holders, the latest gadgets, fun t-shirts, quirky socks, wine glasses, and retro games. Essentially, the best gift hampers for men are filled with big boy toys, as they should be.  

Top 5 hamper ideas for him:

  1. Metallic Blue Lava Lamp
  2. Silicone Microwave Popcorn Maker
  3. Windsor Prose Calligraphy Writing Sets
  4. Bedside Pocket
  5. Gadget Organiser Travel Wallet

7. Gift Hampers For Her

She deserves the best. That’s why you want to select one of our hand-picked gift hampers for her. They’re perfect for special occasions. You can select from bridesmaid gift hampers and even Mother Day hampers Australia. The women in your life are important to you, from bridesmaids to Mothers, and the right gift hampers for her remind her just how much you love her. That’s the real message these hampers send. 

Top 5 hamper ideas for women:

  1. Microwaveable Unicorn Plush Toy
  2. Ugears Butterfly Model Kit
  3. Mad Millie Dark Chocolate Making Kit
  4. Set of 2 Eva Solo Glass Bird Feeders
  5. Click Magnetic Wire Photo Holder

8. Corporate Hampers

These corporate hampers are perfect for employees. Whether it’s as a going-away present, a Christmas thank you, or a fun surprise for a job well-done, these corporate hampers are fun yet professional. While they’re predominantly given to beloved employees, the occasional world’s best boss also received one of these corporate hampers. So swap the gold watch for a hand-picked corporate hamper and leave everyone smiling. 

Top 5 corporate hamper ideas:

  1. Feather Quill Pen Writing Set
  2. Wireless Bluetooth Music Sleep Mask
  3. Ugears Mechanical Horse Model Kit
  4. Kinetic Art Ball Spinner
  5. Fitzroy’s Storm Glass – Weather Forecasting Device



Birthday, Easter and Christmas Gift Hampers

1. Christmas Hampers Australia

Christmas is a time to be merry and there’s no better way to spread the Christmas spirit than with Christmas gift hampers. With heaps of awesome gifts packed inside, xmas gift hampers are exactly like the Santa sacks we loved as children. Since adults no longer receive Santa sacks, Christmas gift boxes will be an amazing surprise. It will be like reliving Christmas as a kid all over again. And that’s a present even Santa can’t deliver. 

Top 5 Christmas hamper ideas:

  1. Unicorn Poo Bath Bombs
  2. Where On Earth? Travel Trivia Game
  3. Australian Iconic Favourites Magnet Set
  4. Infusion Food & Drink Smoker
  5. Jellycat Starry Eyed Black Cat

2. Easter Gift Hampers

These Easter gift hampers are even better than what the Easter bunny delivers. It’s delicious, cute, and festive. Beyond the traditional Easter eggs, there are cuddly bunny toys, Easter books, and more festive toys. While there will always be lots of yummy Easter eggs hidden around the house, the right Easter gift hamper will still be the highlight of Easter. 

Top 5 Easter hamper ideas:

  1. Jellycat Medium Silver Bashful Bunny
  2. Golden Fizzy Bath Bomb Eggs
  3. Bunny Touch-Sensitive Rechargeable LED
  4. My Chocolate Making Set
  5. Jellycat Medium Smudge Bunny

3. Birthday Hampers

What’s better than a birthday gift? Lots of birthday gifts! That’s exactly what birthday gift hampers are: a bunch of awesome gifts collected in one hamper. If one gift is good, then ten gifts are great. Furthermore, our birthday hampers are hand-picked so you know it’s going to be filled with amazing gifts. In fact, it’s like we’ve done your birthday shopping for you! Birthday hampers are an easy and amazing idea. Get yours now. 

Top 5 birthday hamper ideas:

  1. Set of 2 Diamond Whiskey Tumblers
  2. Cheeseporn Cheese Board & Knife Set
  3. Cast Iron Bear Head Bottle Opener
  4. After Dinner Trivia Game
  5. Beer & Whiskey BBQ Condiments Set



Gift Hampers, Boxes, Baskets and Packs

1. Gift Hampers

Gift hampers are the traditional choice. Chosen for important events and occasions, such as birthdays and Mother’s Day, they have a wide selection of high-quality products. There are many food hampers filled with cheese, chocolate, wine, and biscuits. However, almost all gift hampers include many different items—making them an outstanding fit for everyone. Everyone is excited to receive a hamper filled with delicious food and cool gadgets. 

The 3 classic traditional hamper ideas:

  1. Wine & Cheese
  2. Chocolates
  3. Fun & Frivolous Gadgets

2. Gift Baskets

Compared to gift hampers, gift baskets have a wider range of items. There are often a lot of quirky and unique products as part of gift baskets. In fact, gift basket ideas can be as wide ranging as funny mugs to serious books. While you may have an idea about what’s inside a gift hamper, opening a gift basket should always be a fun surprise. 

Gift baskets can include:

  1. Comics & Superheroes
  2. Remote Control Toys
  3. Novelty Food

3. Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are focused on a specific theme. There are AFL gift boxes, magician gift boxes, teacher gift boxes, chef gift boxes, and gaming gift boxes. Focusing on a very specific niche allows these unique gift boxes to be tailored to certain people. They let you connect people with their passion. What’s better than that? When you select the right gift box for the right person, they absolutely love it. 

Popular themes for basket ideas:

  1. Video Game Gifts
  2. Harry Potter
  3. Dinosaurs

4. Gift Packs

Gift packs are miniature gift hampers. They aren’t the huge hamper filled with a pile of gifts. Instead, they’re a smaller, thoughtful pack of presents. When you don’t need to go all out for a present, a gift pack is a great idea. A few well-chosen items are all you need to create a meaningful gift pack. Gift packs may be smaller, but they pack a mighty punch. 

Gift packs for everyone:

  1. Men
  2. Women
  3. Kids



Gift Hampers Australia and Overseas

Australian Gift Hampers

Australia is filled with incredible produce, creative people, and vibrant cities. That means we can make the best gift baskets in the world. And we do. We have gift baskets that feature the very best of what Australia has to offer. 

Top 10 Australian products for gift hampers:

  1. Funny Australian “I Dig Ya” Wombat Mug
  2. Australia Downunder Sydney Keepsake Kitchen Tea Towel
  3. Minimalist Brisbane Map A2 Wall Art Prints
  4. Melbourne Tram 1:76 Scale Die Cast Model – Only 400 Pieces!
  5. Nellie Galah Bottle Opener

How to make the ultimate gift hampers for every Australian city:

  1. Hampers Melbourne: The best gift baskets from Melbourne feature craft beer, AFL scarves, and expert coffee books. 
  2. Hampers Sydney: From models of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, Sydney has many unique items to add to a gift basket. 
  3. Hampers Brisbane: The vibrant culture of Brisbane, along with the Gold Coast, meaning you can select from amazing suburban and beach ideas.
  4. Hampers Perth: The world-class wines of Perth make for excellent additions to any hamper. 
  5. Hampers Adelaide: With incredible dairy farms of the hills of Adelaide, you can’t beat the cheeses from South Australia. 
  6. Hampers Hobart: The unbeatable scenery of Tasmania inspires many unique arty ideas that are perfect. 
  7. Hampers Darwin: The top of Australia provides some of the top gift ideas to include in a hamper, such as the cuddly crocodile toys. 
  8. Hampers Canberra: The little city of Canberra is filled with many creative people who come up with unique ideas for hampers. 
  9. Hampers for overseas: All of the amazing hamper ideas from Australia make for a truly world-class hamper that is ideal to send to loved ones overseas. 



Make Your Hamper More Awesome With Cards and Messages

1. Hamper Cards

A hamper is a personalised present. It makes sense that your card is personalised too. With our greeting cards, you can personalise it whether it’s for a birthday, wedding, anniversary or other special occasion. And once you have your card, make sure you personalise it with the right message.

2. Messages For Your Card

Birthday Messages:

  1. Happy Birthday to someone I think about almost as much as I think about myself!
  2. Best friends are so awesome. Well, at least yours is. Happy Birthday.
  3. Old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyway. Happy Birthday!
  4. Happy Birthday to a person who is smart, good looking, funny, and reminds me a lot of myself.
  5. Happy Birthday! You should feel really special because I didn’t need a Facebook reminder to remember your Birthday.

See more birthday messages.

Christmas Messages:

  1. Keep calm and have a merry Christmas.
  2. Merry Christmas from one legend to another.
  3. Just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas so I can go back to opening my presents.
  4. Merry Christmas and may your life be filled with peace, laughter, love, happiness and goodwill.
  5. Christmas is special because I’m sharing it with you.

Explore the best Merry Christmas messages.

Sentimental messages:

  1. I love you more than I love pizza.
  2. You’re the missing piece to my jigsaw puzzle.
  3. You’re the reason for my smile.
  4. I saw that you were perfect, so I loved you. But then I saw that you were not perfect, and I loved you even more.
  5. Every time I see you I get butterflies in my tummy.

Get the most sentimental messages.



Hamper Delivery and Afterpay

1. Find Hampers Online

The first step is to select your hamper. There are many different types of hampers you can select, from Christmas hampers to luxury gift boxes. Find yours and add it to your online shopping cart. 

2. Afterpay Gift Hampers

You don’t have to pay upfront. All you need to do is select Afterpay at the checkout, create an account, and receive instant approval. It’s that easy. 

3. Hampers Australia Free Delivery

Hampers are delivered Australia wide. On orders over $99, you receive free delivery when shopping with Yellow Octopus. Otherwise, standard shipping is $8.99 with 3-8 Business Days delivery to most areas and express shipping is $16.99 with 2-3 Business Days For Areas outside AusPost Express Zone. Whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney or Hobart, get a great hamper delivered straight to your door.