31 Genius Gender Reveal Ideas


You’ve got really exciting news you want to share with all your family and friends. So why not throw a Gender Reveal party? There are lots of fun ways to make the big announcement. We’ve put together 31 Gender Reveal ideas that are sure to add to the excitement of the big announcement. And when you need a baby shower gift, find them here

Great Gender Reveal Party Games

It’s a time of fun and celebration. Everyone loves party games, especially when there’s a super surprise reveal. These gender reveal games are super fun and easy to organise.

> Name In The Bowl. As everyone arrives, ask them to put their choice of a name for your baby in either the girl or boy bowl. Then, after you’ve made the big announcement, you can pull all the names from the correct bowl and laugh over the names they chose. You never know, someone might have got it right. 

> Scrabble. If it’s an intimate little gathering, suggest a game of scrabble. Using your pre-selected tiles, put down whether you’re having a boy or girl.

> Whack A Pinata. Everybody loves to whack a Pinata, from the little ones to Grandma. When the Pinata finally succumbs, pink or blue glitter showers down on your party.

> Pass The Parcel. It’s heaps of laughter and suspense as the parcel races around the circle until the music stops. Tension builds with every layer unwrapped. Ultimately, all is revealed when the parcel is finally opened.

> Pop The Belly. Put white paint in all the balloons, except one. That’s got to have pink or blue. Blow up the balloons and pin them to a board. Then, with darts at the ready, let your eagle-eyed guests have a ping. Eventually, someone is going to hit the bullseye.

> Bow Ties or Bows. Put bow ties and pink ribbons in a bowl and offer your guests a choice. Then pop on yours to reveal the gender.

> Old Wives Tales. Download Gender Reveal Old Wives Tales sheets and hand them out to your guests. You know the tales; If your skin is glowing and flawless, it’s a boy or If you’re craving sweet things, it’s a girl and salty foods, it’s a boy. Let them fire the questions at you and then make a choice.

> Holi Powder. The guests of honour wear all white and stand in a circle surrounded by their guests. Your guests will have great fun covering you in pink or blue Holi Powder and because you’ve put out more of one colour, they’ll soon see if it’s a boy or girl. 

> Pink or Blue Paint Guns. The same effect can be achieved with paint guns. Just load up more guns with pink or blue.

> Gender Reveal Scratchies. Guests scratch away at the blue or pink, either way, they quickly find out if they made the right choice.


Gender Reveal Dress Up’s

Encourage your guests to choose from famous characters and dress to show whether they think it’s a boy or girl. Here’s five suggestions:

> Wizards or Witches. Come as Harry Potter or Hermione Granger.

> Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia with pink or blue sabres.

> Homer Simson or Marge Simpson, America’s model parents. 

> Barbie or Ken. The perfect couple to have a baby. 

> Superman and Wonder Woman. X-ray vision may help them win any gender reveal games.


Subtle Ways You Can Break The News (And See If your Guests Are On The Ball)

If you’re ready to let the cat out of the bag, and want it to be fun but low key, here are seven great options:

> Paint on pink or blue nail polish.

> Make a grand entrance dressed from top to toe in pink or blue.

> Let off a pink or blue smoke bomb if you’re outside having a BBQ.

> Open a box to release dozens of blue or pink balloons.

> Hand out confetti poppers in pink or blue. The same goes for Silly String.

> Tie a pink or blue ribbon on the cats or dogs collar.

> Drape a blue or pink ribbon around your baby bump.

> Play only male or female singers on your soundtrack.


Gender Reveals That Involve The Whole Family

It’s so important to make big brothers and sisters feel a part of the celebrations. Hereare some great suggestions to ensure they feel they’re also centre stage in this big event.

> Family Photo. Take a family photo with the kids holding up the big news on a sign.

> Big Sibling Tees. I’m getting a baby sister or baby brother printed on tees.

> Mum’s White Tee. The kids will love hand painting mum’s white tee in pink or blue paint.

> Gender Reveal Eggs. Get the kids to hand out pink or blue yolk eggs.


Gender Reveal Fun Food and Delicious Drinks

Of course, what you serve your guests is another very subtle way to reveal if it’s a boy or girl.

Here’s a few fun suggestions you could try.

> A pink or blue cake decorated with vanilla or chocolate frosting. The reveal happens when you slice and serve the cake.

> Everybody’s favourite, the cupcake, with pink or blue icing.

> Hand out pink or blue lollipops. Watch the smiles appear as they’re unwrapped.

> Serve pink champagne to go with the toast or put a little food colouring in the punch.

These ideas will ensure your gender reveal party is full of fun, surprises, merriment and mirth. And if you need a gift for the couple, check out these baby shower gifts here.