Did you miss the airing of Game of Thrones Season 7’s first episode “Dragonstone?” No matter, for here we have 9 of the most important plot points from “Dragonstone” ready and waiting. Grab a glass of Dornish wine, take a seat, and prepare to drink and know things.

1. A girl instigates a Frey of sorts
We open to the scene of a large candlelit feast presided over by… why, everyone’s favourite wedding host, Walder Frey! (But wait, didn’t we watch you die?) Walder starts by thanking everyone in the room ( filled exclusively with Freys and Frey sympathisers) for helping with the Red Wedding…. then watches as everyone starts to choke on their poisoned wine…. and finally ends by pulling back his face to reveal… no one.
As she’s leaving, Arya introduces herself to a servant girl whom she spared and tells her to “… tell everyone what happened here. The North remembers. Winter came for House Frey.”
Giiiiirl, you be crossing names off that list like nobodies business. Way to be our spirit animal.

2. The White Walker Army – Wun Wun to watch
Winter is most definitely here. Bran has yet another vision as he’s being dragged through the howling winds and icy snow by Meera: The Night King, his White Walkers and an army of the dead march toward the wall. We catch a glimpse of the one-eyed giant Wun Wun in all his zombie glory. Meera and Bran make it to Castle Black. Bran gains entry by the skin of his three-eyed raven wits. (Actually, he just tells Edd what he knows Edd has seen, and that’s enough for Edd to let them in.)

3. Winterfell, and plans of attack
Jon tells a meeting of those loyal to his cause that they need to do two things: 1) Mine for Dragonglass, because its White Walker-killing properties are “more valuable than gold,” and 2) prepare their women to fight.
The latter is greeted with some apprehension, to which Lyanna Mormont responds in true Lyanna style: “I don’t plan on knitting by the fire while men fight for me,” she says, “Every able body on Bear Island will begin training immediately.” You tell ’em, Lyanna.
Jon argues in favour of Houses Karstark and Umber (previously supporters of Bolton) keeping their castles. Sansa feels traitors should be dealt with more harshly, and the castles given to Stark loyalists.

Jon and Sansa meet privately. Jon expresses his disappointment that Sansa would undermine him in public. While they discuss the future, Jon receives a raven from Cersei demanding he come to King’s Landing and bend the knee or face her wrath. Jon remarks that Sansa seems to admire Cersei. “I learned a great deal from her,”remarks Sansa. Let’s hope she learned enough to send her to meet the Gods old and new.

4. The red-haired Lion
On her way to King’s Landing, Arya comes across a band of Lannister Bannermen resting by a brook in the Riverlands. One of whom sings a little ditty to his compatriots, and it’s non other than everyone’s favourite flame-haired crooner ED SHEERAN!
Wary but curious, she stops to sup with them, and when asked why she’s travelling all alone and why she’s going to King’s Landing, she tells them straight up she’s off to kill the queen. A tense pause, quickly followed by laughter.
Laugh it up, Lannister lovers. A girl is someone with a plan and if you’re not careful, you’ll be next.

5. King’s Landing: Cersei and Jamie plot and scheme
There is much distance between Jamie and Cersei. Cersei makes no secret of her hate for Tyrion and her disgust at her brother for letting him get away. He’s now the hand of the enemy, she points out. Jamie remarks that they’ve yet to discuss Tommen’s death, but Cersei refuses to dwell on the past. She prefers to focus on the challenges ahead, like the fact they’re surrounded by people who want them dead. “Enemies to the East, enemies to the South, enemies to the West, enemies to the North,” she laments.

7. Euron Greyjoy floats an idea
Euron and his (as promised) gargantuan Armada come to visit. Euron proposes to Cersei. (Cue Jamie’s disgusted face.) Cersei politely declines, reasoning if Euron could betray his family (a certain bridge incident, anyone?) he could most certainly betray her. Euron, not one to be discouraged, vows to return to King’s Landing with “a priceless gift” to win her over.

8. Citadel Sam and the daily grind
Sam and his family are now very much settled in at the Citadel. Sam spends his days cleaning the bed pans of the ill, helping the Maesters with whatever they require, and looking longingly at books he is not permitted to touch in the restricted section of the library.
After requesting access and being denied, he steals some keys and grants himself access to the library. He’s excited to discover that Dragonstone (the island) is made of dragon glass!

9. Daenerys is home
Daenerys lands at Island Dragonstone, the ancestral seat of House Targaryen, accompanied by her loyal followers and dragon trio. They explore the castle, ending in the map room that was last occupied by Lord Bolton and the Lord of Light brigade. Daenerys says to Tyrion “Shall we get started?” and yes, you most certainly shall, Mother of Dragons, for there are many enemies to slay and what better day to start than today.

We look forward to seeing what’s in store.