15 Funny Zoom Backgrounds: Simpsons, Minecraft, Top Gun

A Zoom meeting can feel like the world’s most boring sitcom, but a new virtual background will help your next meeting ‘Zoom’ by. Although given the times, our video conferences should perhaps be called a ‘co-vid’. Anyway, whether you’re hanging out online with a friend or have suited up your top-half for an important business meeting—these funny Zoom backgrounds will make your friends and coworkers laugh.  

These hilarious Zoom backgrounds include:
– The Office from The Office
– The Simpsons couch
– The cockpit from Top Gun

Why you should update your Zoom background:
– Make your friends and coworkers laugh
– Make your meeting memorable
– Hide your messy room!

How to change your Zoom background:
1. Download your favourite image below.
2. Log onto Zoom on either your desktop or your mobile.
3. Go to settings and toggle on Virtual Background.
4. Upload the image. 

Ready? Let’s find you a new hilarious virtual background for zoom…

Funny Zoom backgrounds that will make your coworkers laugh…

1. Light bulb

2. Top Gun

3. Game Of Thrones

4. Starship Enterprise

5. The Shining

6. The Office

7. Checking you out

8. Microsoft Windows

9. Minecraft

10. The Moon

11. Animal Crossing

12. Godzilla

13. Batman’s Cave

14. Moulin Rouge

15. The Simpsons

BONUS: Toilet paper!

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