41 Funny Group Chat Names

These funny group chat names will make your coworkers and friends cry with laughter. They reframe something monotonous into something positive. Work meetings are boring enough, so let’s make them more fun—starting with funny group names. They’re hilarious. 

Why use a funny group chat name for your Zoom meeting?
– Your friends and coworkers will find it hilarious.
– It transforms a boring work meeting into a slightly less boring work meeting.
– It gives everyone in your chat a positive attitude. 

What are three of the absolute best group chat names?
– The Meme Team
– Keyboard Warriors
– War and Pizza

Want more ideas? Find them below…

These funny group chat names will make your work team stand-out

  1. 404! Group name not found.

  2. 7 Rings

  3. Area 51

  4. Best Fries Forever

  5. Connecting…

  6. Dumb and Dumberer

  7. Dumbledore’s Army

  8. F is For Friends Who Do Stuff Together

  9. Fantastic Four

  10. Fart Spartans

  11. Future Presidents

  12. Game of Groans

  13. Gryffindor

  14. Happy Hangovers

  15. Keyboard Warriors

  16. Master Minds

  17. Pirate Ninjas

  18. Power Rangers

  19. Secret Society

  20. Shady Bunch

  21. Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

  22. Smells Like Team Spirit

  23. Spam Squad

  24. Swag Squad

  25. The Animals

  26. The Avengers

  27. The Chamber of Secrets

  28. The Fast And The Hilarious

  29. The Friendship Ship

  30. The Incredibles

  31. The Mad Chatters

  32. The Meme Team

  33. The Nerd Herd

  34. The Pokédex

  35. The Pretty Committee

  36. The Real Housewives of ______

  37. The Supremes

  38. War and Pizza

  39. What’s the WiFi?

  40. Why does it smell like up dog?

  41. Zoomers


There are times when you should NOT use funny group chat names…
Mosty, funny group chat names are AWESOME. They’re a win-win. However, there are a few situations that we don’t recommend using a funny group chat name…
When you’re defending your PhD Thesis online.
When you have an important job interview.
When you start a group chat with your new girlfriend’s family. 

Think those 41 funny group chat names will impress your boss and coworkers? Well, they’ve got nothing on the work gifts.