50 Funny Cat Names (Wigglebutt, Kit-Kat, Purrito & More)

Wigglebutt, Katy Purry, Purrito, Catalina, and Lord Flufferton. These are some of the funniest cat names in the galaxy. That’s not all. We have a collection of puns, play-on-words, and altered celebrity names that make for hilariously funny cat names. Keep reading below to find all of the hilarious cat names. 

The Top 10 Funny Cat Names 

  1. Wigglebutt

  2. Katy Purry

  3. Kit-Kat

  4. Purrito

  5. Cat Middleton

  6. Lord Flufferton

  7. Catalina

  8. Chairman Meow

  9. Twinkle Toes

  10. Simba

40+ More Funny Cat Names

  1. Bubbles

  2. Cat Benatar

  3. Cat Damon

  4. Catzilla

  5. Cheddar

  6. Cheshire

  7. Chubby Bunny

  8. Cindy Clawford

  9. Clawdia

  10. Colin Feral

  11. Crookshanks

  12. Cuddles

  13. David Meowie

  14. Don Drapurr

  15. Empurress

  16. Feline Good

  17. Fishbait

  18. Fuzz Aldrin

  19. Hairy Potter

  20. iCat

  21. Jaspurr

  22. Jiggles

  23. Jude Paw

  24. Katnip

  25. Lionel

  26. Madam Meow

  27. Marshmallow

  28. Meowise

  29. Mufasa

  30. Notorious C.A.T

  31. Octopuss

  32. Paul McCatney

  33. Pawdry Hepburn

  34. Pawesome

  35. Pawlina

  36. Picatso

  37. Puddy Tat

  38. Puddy Tat

  39. Purrfect

  40. Puss N Boots

  41. Rambo

  42. Ravenclaw

  43. Skimbleshanks

  44. Sphinx

  45. The Boss

  46. Your Highness

P.S. You can add a suffix to your cat’s name to make it even funnier…

> Big

> Colonel

> Dame

> Dr.

> Grandma/Grandpa

> Her/His Honour

> Her/His Majesty

> Lil

> Madame

> People’s Artist

> Professor

> Senator

> Sir

What kinds of funny cat names have we collected?
Some are the names of actual cats. For example, Kitty Purry is the name of Katy Perry’s kitten. Some are named after celebrities or historical figures, like Cat Damon, Pawdry Hepburn, and Picatso. Others are simply fun to say—Bubbles, Catzilla, and Empuress. We have a huge range of hilarious ideas to help you name your new kitten. Or simply enjoy a laugh with your fellow cat lovers. 

What makes for a funny cat name?
Cat names can be funny for different reasons. Some are funny simply because they are silly, like Marshmellow and Bubbles. They can be humorous because they’re clever, such as Octopuss or Pawlina. Still, some of the funniest names are so great because they make an unexpected comparison in your mind, such as Cat Middleton which makes your mind compare the elegant Duchess of Cambridge with your humble housecat. It’s brilliant. At the end of the day, if it makes you laugh, that’s enough to be considered a funny cat name. After all, finding the purrfect name for your cat is more of an art than a science. 

Which name should I choose?
There are three things you need to consider when naming your cat. Your preference, your cat’s preference, and what everyone else will think when they hear you calling your cat’s name. Firstly, it’s critical that you select a name that you love. Why does that matter? It matters because you love your cat and want to make as many positive associations with them as possible. You’ll love your cat even more (if that’s possible!). Secondly, you want a name that your cat likes. It’s their name and they should like it too. Finally, you want a name that everybody can enjoy. If you select a name that makes people smile when they hear it, you’ll be creating joy every time you call for your cat. 

We hope you enjoyed those funny feline names. Now, go and put your paws on these purrfect gifts for cat lovers.