55 Funny Australian Town Names And Places

Funny Australian Town NamesThese are the funniest Australian town names. There are hilarious town names from all over the country, from Officer’s Bottom in Tasmania to Cape Cockburn in the Northern Territory. Clearly, Australia is a weird and wonderful place. It’s not only home to the most unique animals in the world, extreme temperatures, and diverse landscapes—we have the funniest town names and places on the planet. And some surprisignly weird Australian town names…

The Funniest Town Names In Australia

1. Funny Tasmanian Town Names

Tassie may lay at the bottom of Australia but surely that’s not the reason for their obsession with naming towns, creeks and mountains from the bottom up. They have Long Bottom, Broad Bottom, Officer’s Bottom, Bottom Fancy, Grassy Bottom, Bottom Hole, Round Bottom, Stumpy’s Bottom, Bottom Lagoon, Lovely Bottom and the Butts. They were even well ahead of their time, with Boomers Bottom. If you ask for directions to any of these places you’ll probably get a bum steer. And their obsession with the anatomy doesn’t end there. They also have Granny’s Gut, Funny Knob Creek, Mossy Nipple Bend, Shag Head, Pensioners Bush and Tonguers Point

Tassie’s funny Aussie names:

  • Boomers Bottom
  • Bottom Fancy
  • Bottom Hole
  • Bottom Lagoon
  • Broad Bottom
  • Funny Knob Creek
  • Granny’s Gut
  • Grassy Bottom
  • Long Bottom
  • Lovely Bottom 
  • Mossy Nipple Bend
  • Officer’s Bottom
  • Pensioners Bush
  • Round Bottom
  • Shag Head
  • Stumpy’s Bottom
  • The Butts
  • Tonguers Point


2. Funny Victorian Town Names

Even though Victoria was named after the prim and proper Queen Victoria, it didn’t stop the adventurous naming of places. Fancy climbing Mount Buggery, perhaps not? Want to have a great time, then head to A1. If you’re lucky you may strike gold. Looking for somewhere for a kids birthday party? Where could be more fun than Teddy Bears Gap. And a great BBQ can be had at Sausage Gully.  Of course when you hear Ding-A-Ding it’s a sure sign that it’s time to Packenham Upper and head home.

Victoria’s funniest names:

  • Ding-A-Ding
  • Mount Bugger
  • Packenham Upper
  • Sausage Gully
  • Teddy Bears Gap

3. Funny New South Wales Town Names

Being the oldest of the States you would think NSW would be the maturest too. Then how do they explain these adults only rippers.

Got a hard earned thirst, then head to Boozer Creek. Playing footsies, why not stroll up Flirtation Hill? Getting serious, then you’re looking for The Boobs or Pleasure Point. And if you do make it to Rooty Hill be careful not to Come By Chance.

Funny place names from New South Wales:

  • Boozer Creek
  • Come By Chance
  • Flirtation Hill
  • Pleasure Point
  • Rooty Hill
  • The Boobs

4. Funny Canberra Town Names

Canberra of course is a law unto itself. And though it does have a reputation for being conservative, its street names have a true Aussie ring to them. There’s Slim Dusty Circuit, Bon Scott Crescent, Bogan Place and even the main road leading into our capital is the Monaro Highway.

Funny Canberra names:

  • Bogan Place
  • Bon Scott Crescent
  • Monaro Highway
  • Slim Dusty Circuit

5. Funny Queensland Town Names

Known to be straight talkers, Queenslanders don’t waste words and so it is with their place names. These need no explanation. Mount Blowhard, Mount Mistake, Mount Surprise and the bluntly named Ugly Creek.Perhaps their funniest name claim is at Yorkeys Knob. Named after a Yorkshire born fisherman, who built a homestead on the headlands in the 1880s, locals revel in telling visitors that Yorkey’s Knob is bigger than Moby’s Dick.

Funny Queensland names:

  • Mount Blowhard
  • Mount Mistake
  • Mount Surprise
  • Ugly Creek
  • Yorkeys Knob

6. Funny Northern Territory Town Names

Tough talking territorians take no prisoners and neither do their place names. Try these for size. Dirty Water Billabong, Rum Jungle, Boggy Plain, Cape Cockburn and Fanny Creek. And if you happen to be driving through Howard Springs, then you’d have to take a detour onto the alphabetically challenged Aaaa Road

Hilarious Northern Territory names:

  • Aaaa Road
  • Boggy Plain 
  • Cape Cockburn 
  • Dirty Water Billabong
  • Fanny Creek
  • Rum Jungle

7. Funny Western Australia Town Names

Western Australia has the only town in Australia starting with an X,  Xantippe. It also has the town of Woop Woop, once a mill town,its name has been adopted into Aussie slang, meaning the middle of nowhere. Also, a bay called Useless Loop and a Dog Swamp. But perhaps its most amusing name is the town of North Pole, near Marble Bar. Perhaps it’s Santa’s home away from home. 

Western Australia’s wacky list:

  • Dog Swamp
  • North Pole
  • Useless Loop
  • Woop Woop
  • Xantippe

8. Funny South Australia Town Names 

Nowhere Else Road is nowhere else than South Australia. Well, not true. There is a Nowhere Else in Tasmania, south of Devonport. Oh well. Still nobody else has  Bullshit Hill, a Cream Puff Corner or a Break Wind Reserve.

South Australia’s silliest names:

  • Break Wind Reserve
  • Bullshit Hill
  • Cream Puff Corner
  • Nowhere Else Road


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