21 Funny Animal Panorama Images – 5 Minutes of Joy

The most epic animal panorama photo fails ever

What’s a funny panorama picture? Well, a panorama photo has an incredibly wide landscape view. It’s so wide that when you take the photo, you have to move the camera sideways. And sometimes, things go wrong. These animal panorama photos have gone wrong, big time.

But these massive fails turned into some epic wins because they’re simply hilarious. You can see a super long sausage dog, long and tall tails, double ducks, and a giraffe really sticking its neck out. Ready? Let’s enjoy these hilarious mistakes. 

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21 hilarious animal panorama images gone wrong

1. Whoops

2. Crane

3. Pony problems

4. Blinking

5. Like magic

6. Duckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

7. Happiest dog ever

8. Platypus dog

9. Centipede

10. Two heads are better than one

11. Hop to it

12. Long dog

13. Hair extensions

14. Sausage dog

15. Yoga

16. Photogenic

17. Split personality

18. Cat-astrophe

19. Beefed up

20. Streamlined

21. From here to there

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