20 Free Things To Do In Sydney Today – The Complete Sydney Guide

Sydney is the 32nd most expensive city in the world, but it’s not true what they say. You can have an incredible time in Sydney without spending a small fortune. In fact, you can experience the best Sydney has to offer for free.

The drinks may be overpriced at the Opera House, but nobody can charge you for the incredible views of Sydney Harbour. You may have to pay $20 entry to a gym, but the hiking is free. The latest movies blockbuster with popcorn is pricey, but the culturally significant art galleries are priceless.

Whether you’re a local, a backpacker, a student or tourist, these activities will show you the absolute best free things to do in Sydney. Ready? It’s time to pick your favourite of these 20 activities.


In The City? Free Things To Do In Sydney CBD (All Near Each Other)

free things to do in sydney - botanic gardens

1. Royal Botanic Gardens
Visit the stunning Royal Botanic Gardens. You can find it at the southeast end of the Opera House (so you’ll get to check that out too). Btw, it’s the perfect spot to take a picnic.


government house
2. Government House
Visit Government House and its gardens. Even if you aren’t interested in the administration of a nation, the gothic architectural style may peak your interest. See more info here.


free things to do in sydney - centennial park

3. Centennial Park
Centennial Park is a lovely spot to escape the hustle and bustle of the CBD. You can sit by the ponds, trees, and grassy hills.


free things to do in sydney - cathedral

4. St Mary’s Cathedral & Hyde Park
Visit St Mary’s Cathedral, which overlooks Sydney’s CBD. Once you’ve checked out the Church you can cross the road and visit Hyde Park.


free things to do in sydney - opera house

5. Sydney Opera House
Explore the iconic Sydney Opera House. Of course. And don’t forget to take a picture with it! Btw, it’s right next to the Botanic Gardens and Sydney Harbour Bridge so you can complete these activities together.


Love The Sun & Surf? Free Things To Do In Sydney During Summer

free things to do in sydney - bronte
6. Bronte Park
Visit Bronte Park with your kids. It has play equipment, parking, ocean views, a pool and beach access. What more can you want? See more info here.


free things to do in sydney - bondi

7. Bondi Beach
Visit the infamous Bondi Beach. Whether you’re there for a swim, a tan, people-watching, a surf or coffee, it’s always a diverse and fascinating experience. Make sure to take something fun for the beach.


free things to do in sydney - markets
8. Sydney Markets
Take a walk through one of Sydney’s many markets. You can choose from Paddington Market, Bondi Market, Paddy’s Market or Sydney Fish Market.


Night Owl? Free Things To Do In Sydney At Night

free things to do in sydney - lookout

9. North Head Lookout
Sunset is the perfect time to go and check out the view from the North Head Lookout. You can gaze over the harbour across at Sydney’s skyscrapers – you might even spot a whale. See
more info here.


free things to do in sydney - festival

10. Festivals
Be part of one of Sydney’s awesome festivals. Depending on the time of year, you can check out the New Years Eve party, the Sydney Mardi Gras, The Sydney Festival or Vivid Sydney.


Like To Hike? Naturally Stunning Free Walks To Do In Sydney

free things to do in sydney - bondi to coogee

11. Bondi to Coogee
Do the cliff top coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee. The walk goes for s stunning 6km passing a 2000 year old Aboriginal rock carving, ocean pools, coffee shops and, for three weeks during Spring, handmade sculptures. See more info here.


free things to do in sydney - bridge

12. Sydney Harbour Bridge
Chances are you’ve heard of the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb. Well, it’s quite expensive. But did you know you can get similar awesome views by taking a walk along the walking path at the bridge’s eastern edge? Oh and btw, there’s a bike path on the western side.


free things to do in sydney - royal national park

13. Royal National Park
The Royal National Park is the second-oldest national park in the entire world. You will find cliffs, beaches and rainforests through more than 100 km of free walking tracks. Pick up a sports and fitness item before you head off.


free things to do in sydney - walking tour

14. Free Walking Tours
You can also join one of Sydney’s free walking tours and some detailed free knowledge on Sydney’s architecture, culture and history.


free things to do in sydney - Mosman to Manly

15. Mosman to Manly

Walk from Spit Bridge at Mosman to Manly. You get to see Manly Cove, Aboriginal rock art, and North Head. See more info here.


free things to do in sydney - lighthouse

16. Barrenjoey Lighthouse
Walk to Barrenjoey Lighthouse. It’s 91 metres above sea level so it has some stunning views. The walk takes 30 minutes, but there’s a more challenging path if you’re up for the challenge – named Smugglers track. If you’re lucky you might even see a whale from May to October. See more info here.


Don’t Get Stuck Indoors – Cultural Free Things To Do In Sydney On A Rainy Day

free things to do in sydney - art gallery

17. Art Gallery of NSW
Rainy days aren’t ideal for admiring beautiful beaches, but they are perfect for admiring Sydney’s best art. The Art Gallery of NSW is free and home to everything from Indigenous to Asian art. See more info here.


free things to do in sydney - contemporary art museum

18. Museum of Contemporary Art
Take a trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art. It is filled with a range of mystifying and modern exhibits. See more info here.


free things to do in sydney - white rabbit art

19. White Rabbit
White Rabbit is the hottest place in Sydney’s art scene right now. It features one of the largest collections of contemporary Chinese art, not only in Australia, but across the globe.


free things to do in sydney - discovery museum

20. The Rocks Discovery Museum
The Rocks Discovery Museum is where you’ll learn about the traditional customs of the area, how the English colony was established, all the way to modern day.


So, Which Free Things To Do In Sydney Will You Choose?

Hiking? Activities in the CBD? Bondi Beach? If you can’t decide which free things to do in Sydney don’t worry, you can do them all since you won’t run out of money! But if you can’t see them all in this weekend or this holiday, you’ll just have to return to Sydney and complete this list of 20 free things to do in Sydney. That’s what living is all about.