44 FEELING CUTE MEMES (But we might delete them later)

Feeling cute? We’ve got the perfect meme for you—but we might delete it later. The feeling cute, might delete later meme pokes fun at the not so subtle humble brags on social media. But there’s more to the story. 

What is the ‘feeling cute meme’?

Formally known as the ‘feeling cute, might delete later’ meme, this meme of someone a (personal, animal, or fictional character) taking a selfie and adds the caption the ‘feeling cute, might delete later’.  

What REALLY is the ‘Feeling cute meme’?

There’s more to the story and it explains why the ‘feeling cute’ meme became so popular. The ‘feeling cute meme’ actually is a social comment on the millions of people posting what can only be described as a fake self-depreciation to elicit supportive comments and likes from followers. Here’s what happens: 1. A model posts a selfie that they know looks #a-ma-zing. 2. They caption it with something negative and untrue about their appearance, such as “Bad hair day.” 3. They receive lots of support from followers. In essence, the ‘felt cute, might delete later’ meme pokes fun at the disingenuous social media posts that were especially prevalent in 2017.

Where did the ‘feeling cute meme’ originate?

In 2017, a Twitter user with the handle @PapaCone_ tweeted an illustration of the SpongeBob SquarePants character Squidward taking a selfie. He titled it “might delete soon but I felt cute in this pic ????”. The Tweet received over 40,000 likes, 18,500 retweets, and inspired tens of thousands of feeling cute memes. 

Why are these the best ‘feeling cute memes’? 

These are the best feeling cute memes because you chose them. That’s right, they are the most liked, shared, and hearted ‘feeling cute memes’ on the internet. In the merciless world of keyboard warriors and forum trolls, these were the ’feeling cute memes’ that rose to the top—the cream of the crop. 


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