23 Father’s Day Jokes (Dad Will LOVE them!)

You can forget breakfast in bed. Don’t worry about a craft beer tour.These Father’s Day jokes are so good they’re all you need to make Dad’s day special. They’re that funny. Although, you better add a hilarious Father’s Day gift to go with these hilarious Father’s Day jokes. 

These Father’s Day jokes are NOT Dad jokes—they’re actually funny. 

  1. Son: Dad when is Father’s Day? Dad: Nine months before Mother’s Day.

  2. How did Anakin know what gift Obi-Wan was going to give him? He felt his presence.

  3. How come ads for Mother’s Day are for jewellery and expensive perfume and ads for Father’s Day are for socks and wheelbarrows?

  4. How come on Mother’s Day every restaurant is booked out and on Father’s Day, Dad’s are expected to BBQ?

  5. “For Father’s Day we got my dad a t-shirt that says ‘Do Not Resuscitate.’ He wears it whenever mum takes him to the ballet.“

  6. I think my wife had something to do with my Father’s Day card. It said, “World’s Greatest Dud.”

  7. My half-brother gets it easy on Father’s Day. He only has to buy Dad a three-pack.

  8. I would give you what you really want on Father’s Day, but I can’t afford to move out yet.

  9. I just wanted to say you’ve been like a father to me Dad.

  10. Father’s Day is just like Mother’s Day except the kids don’t ask for as much money.

  11. “I have mixed emotions when I receive my Father’s Day gifts. I’m glad my children remember me. I’m disappointed they think I dress like that.”

  12. My Father’s Day card said, “Happy Father’s Day to one of my favourite parents.”

  13. My Father’s Day card said, “To the world’s greatest farter.”

  14. My step-kids got me a step-ladder for Father’s Day. They said it didn’t know its real ladder.

  15. How is Father’s Day like Mother’s Day? Dads pays for both presents.

  16. My kids are liars. I saw another bloke at the office with a “ World’s Greatest Dad” mug.

  17. There’s nothing scarier than getting a Happy Father’s Day card from a kid you’ve never heard of.

  18. Did you know your kids have known you longer than you’ve known them? You’ve only known them since they’ve been born. They’ve known you all their lives. 

  19. Is there something symbolic in Dad’s getting mugs for Father’s Day?

  20. How come there’s a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day but no Kid’s Day?

  21. How do oysters call their Dad on Father’s Day? On a shell phone.

  22. I love seeing my sister fawning over our Dad on Father’s Day under the illusion that she’s the favourite child.

  23. I’ve found the perfect way to ensure my adult kids visit on Father’s Day. I’ve renamed it Reading of the New Will Day.

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