Eyes and Ears on the Monocle

Native Union’s latest retro-inspired invention is making Oscar The Octopus trip over all his eight limbs! If you consider yourself a bit of a hipster, this may make you drop your caramel-whipped-decaf-soy-latte.

Now, keep your eyes in focus because we’re about to introduce you to something a lot less mainstream than those Dr Beats or… whatever you call them.

Native Union presents the Monocle. Like Macklemore, this piece of work only needs one name. The Monocle ticks all boxes- design, attitude, quality, cost, functionality, and everything else on your list.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Volume control wheel
  • Full duplex microphone
  • High quality audio
  • Retro nylon cord
  • Six funky colours
  • Hook up 2 – 10 Monocles

Not only is it a speaker, it’s a handset and speaker-phone, a new friend for your tunes, and your ears. That’s right; the Monocle’s a big softy.

Look, we know you’re probably all – “I want one now! I want a golden goose!”  But hold on to your knapsack.

In October, Yellow Octopus will be running a competition that will see one lucky Facebook fan win a Native Union Monocle!

Keep a look out for competition details – coming soon!

Olli the Octopus

Olli the Octopus

When it comes to normal octopuses, they're usually only interested in finding tasty crayfish, swimming about, and picking their noses. Ollie is no ordinary octopus. Ollie has a vision and with the help of his loyal team he'll see it done. His vision is for Australians all over this land girt by sea to enjoy the world's coolest, craziest and quirkiest gifts, adding smiles to faces and laughter to homes. His dream has finally materialised and now everyone has access to Ollie's collection of awesome doodads.

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