19 Educational Boredom Busters for Kids

Amazing science and technology kits to educate the kids

Imagine if your kid created the vaccine that saved the world? Genius needs inspiration. These 19 boredom buster science kits could be the catalyst to your kids becoming the superheroes who save the world. 

Scientists are the new superheroes. It’s possible the virus vaccines of the future will exist because your science kit gift sparked a passion for science. So keep reading for the best educational kits available.   

19 science and tech kits to make your children more intelligent

1. Spider bot

If robots are going to be the future, our kids better learn how to build them. This kit is the perfect introduction. Get the kit here: Build Your Own Smart Table Top Robot.

2. Secrets of solar

Solar power can be understood by kids if they have the right tools. Discover the secrets: 12-in-1 Solar-Powered Hydraulic Robot Construction Kit.

3. Robots of the future

The robots aren’t coming, they’re already here. Want to know how they’re built? Embrace the future: 14-in-1 Solar Robot Construction Kit.

4. Magnet magic

Magnets seem like they work like magic. In truth, it is simple science. Explore the magnetic magic of science right here: 8 Piece Kids Magnet Experiment Set.

5. Inside electricity

A simple system can be extraordinarily interesting. That’s what’s inside electricity. Take a look inside: Clip Circuit 8-in-1 Electrical Circuit Experiments.

6. The green machine

Eco-friendly everything is the future. Learning how to make your own environmentally friendly robots is a great place to begin. Construct your own: 6-in-1 Solar Construction Kit.

7. Mini robot

Technology is rapidly decreasing in size. Making a mini robot is a great way to understand that trend. Make it now: 3-in-1 Mini Solar Robot Engineering Kit.

8. The hand of god

The first human-like robot will be built piece by piece. Let’s start with the hand. Here’s everything you need: Build Your Own Robotic Hand.

9. To infinity and beyond

Explore the planets and see how they fit together in the solar system. The galaxy awaits: Build & Paint 3D Solar System Model Kit.

10. Grow it on your own

The crystals grow bigger and more beautiful every day. Get the kit now: Crystal Growing Kit.

11. Take control of time

Tick-tock. The mechanical brilliance of clocks is fascinating. Here’s the best clock kit: Construct-A-Clock.

12. On the wire

Watch out for the buzz and learn how to master the buzz wire. Start learning now: Buzz Wire Science Kit.

13. Engineers required

Every engineer begins building with Legos and construction kits. Build it bigger: 753 Piece Build-A-Coaster Set.

14. Mining for gold

If you can’t make it, mine it. There are many different crystals to uncover. Unearth a lesson in mining right now: Crystal Mining Kit For Kids.

15. Radical radiometer

Learning how energy works has never been so important. See the science yourself: Crookes Radiometer – Spins in the Sun!

16. Anti-gravity

It’s counter-intuitive, but it works—and you can find out why. Here’s what you need: Anti-Gravity Magnetic Levitation Kit.

17. Code bot

Unlock the logic of coding and discover how you can rewrite the world. Begin with a bot: 5 in 1 Mechanical Coding Robot.

18. Hidden forces

The science beneath boats is surprisingly interesting. See how it really works: Buoyant Forces – Make 4 Different Models!

19. Levitating train

These levitating trains, known as hyperlinks, could be the future of transport. Build the future now: Build Your Own Magnetic Levitation Train!.

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