21 Amazing Drone Photos – 5 Minutes of Joy

These drone photos show nothing beats a bird’s-eye view

Nothing beats a bird’s-eye view. And that’s exactly what these daring drone photos deliver. Spiralling cities, death-defying climbers, snaking roads, towering skyscrapers, and armies of beach umbrellas—all from an eagle-eyed perspective. It’s a breathtaking alternative to how we usually view the world, all thanks to the technical wizardry of drones.

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21 stunning photos taken by drones across the globe

1. Birds eye view

2. Tower power

3. Rock climbing

4. Waterslide

5. Perspective

6. Yin and yang

7. Beach umbrellas

8. Touring

9. Tennis

10. Rice

11. Snow drone

12. Pink

13. Poolside estate

14. Elephant walk

15. Green escape

16. Organised

17. Snaking road

18. All roads lead to the Arc de Triomphe

19. Flowers

20. Hippos

21. King of the jungle

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