19 Endearing Dog And Cat Best Friends – 5 Minutes of Joy

Adorable photos of dogs and cats that became best friends

They say a dog is a man’s best friend. These photos show that dogs and cats are great friends too. Whether it’s a warm cuddle, a snuggle in a blanket, or just waking up together to the greatest of views—these furry friends understand the true meaning of friendship.

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19 pictures of cats and dogs that put aside their differences and became best friends

1. Piggyback

2. Two heads are better than one

3. Perfect pillow

4. Cone of friendship

5. Listen up

6. Snug as a bug in a rug

7. Copycat

8. Siamese twins

9. Spooning

10. Come here you

11. Content

12. Nap time

13. Ear kiss

14. Puppy love

15. Hair raising

16. Doesn’t get better than this

17. Tiny friend

18. Comfy quilt

19. Picturesque

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