20 Adorably Cute Puppy Pics – 5 Minutes of Joy

The cutest puppies ever photographed

There’s no one better to be stuck at home with than your adorably cute pooch. They bring us five minutes of joy—ten times per day. But you don’t need your own puppy to enjoy their heart-warming cuteness. These adorably cute puppy pics will get your tail wagging.

Ready for a cuteness overload? Enjoy…
A cute pooch wearing pigtails
An adorable puppy on his first day at school
Man’s best friend practising social distancing

At Yellow Octopus, we are sharing a new series called 5 minutes of Joy. Look forward to everything from playful puppies to stunning sunsets. 

20 lovable puppy pics to get your tail wagging

1. First day at school

2. For a special friend

3. Social distancing

4. Bath time

5. Officer in training

6. Knitted hoodie

7. Oops. He fell off

8. Kisses for Bambi

9. Nap time

10. Pig tails

11. The most precious yawn

12. Sausage dog

13. Fluffy

14. How could you say no to these eyes?

15. Hide n seek

16. Morning Starbucks

17. Grandma’s sweater

18. Hat hair

19. Night night

20. Who’s a clever boy?

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