19 Incredibly Creative Boredom Busters For Kids

The best ideas and activities to cure kids home-bound boredom 

Being stuck at home can be boring for kids. But it doesn’t have to be. With the right games, puzzles, and ideas, you can transform being stuck at home into an adventure. From trickshot championships to backyard Olympics, we have the most unique boredom busters for kids. 

19 boredom busters for kids stuck at home

1. DIY Doctor’s stethoscope

This boredom buster does more than show kids what it’s like to be a doctor. It could inspire them to become one. They can actually build their very own stethoscope and listen to their beating heart. Amazing. Get the instructions here

2. Write a positive message on the pavement with chalk

Grab the chalk and have your kids write something positive on the pavement for your neighbours to enjoy. With all the pandemic pandemonium, it’s sure to put a smile on your neighbours’ faces. You can see some inspiring messages that Aussie kids have already drawn right here

Here’s a few message ideas:

  • Keep calm and carry on. 
  • Keep smiling.
  • Love to all the medical professionals and essential workers. 

3. Trickshot championship

Internet glory awaits for the trickshot champion. So that should get your kids interested immediately. It may take 500 tries, but that TikTok lasts forever.

For all the Mums and Dad out there, what’s the trickshot trend? Basically, they’re videos that go viral because someone made an ‘impossible’ shot—like a basketball shot from half-court, throwing a playing card in a cup from across the room, or bouncing a ping-pong ball off a dozen objects before landing in a cup.

Sound impossibly difficult? That’s the idea. Trickshots are so hard that they’ll keep your kids entertained for hours, that’s the beauty of them. And that’s the beauty of the Trickshot Championship—combining multiple trickshots into a championship will keep them entertained all day long. 

4. DIY friendship bracelets

Nothing says I love you like a friendship bracelet. And the ultimate friendship bracelet is the one you make yourself. This Friendship Bracelets Kit has everything you’ll need. 

5. Home Olympics

With schools closed, learning is going online. But what about sports? FIFA and EA Sports video games are no substitute for your exercise—whatever your children may argue! However, push-ups and star jumps aren’t much fun, so create a backyard Olympics to make keeping fit more fun. 

With the 2020 Olympics postponed, it’s a fun way to keep the Olympic spirit strong. And by letting your kids select a foreign nation to represent, it will become a geography and cultural lesson too. 

Ready to go for gold? Here are some backyard Olympic events to run:

  • The lawn sprint. 
  • Javelin using a pool noodle.
  • Shot put using rolled-up socks. 
  • Rhythmic gymnastics with skipping ropes, tinsel, and music available as props. Mum or Dad will be the judge and give out scores (always 7 and above).
  • Equestrian riding a broom. 
  • Rowing if you have a rowing machine. 
  • Ice skating by sliding along the floor in your socks. 
  • Boxing on Wii Sports. 
  • Tug of war which was an actual Olympic event from 1900 to 1920. 
  • And complete a decathlon by combining all of the events into one competition! 

6. Mini golf course

Create a mini golf course and compete in a backyard golf tournament (or inside if Mum lets you). You can use books, Legos, clothes, and other obstacles to make the course more difficult—the more creative the obstacles, the more fun it will be. And there’s no more hilarious obstacle than the Toilet Time Golf Set.

7. Treasure hunt

Set up a treasure hunt throughout your house and backyard. Give clues and puzzles to help them find each location and make sure there’s an exciting reward—the treasure.  

Types of puzzles you can use as challenges to reveal clues include:

8. Assemble a fort

Gather up your pillows and blankets and make an epic fort at home. It’s the perfect place to play board games, watch movies, and play pretend. While ancient forts were made for security, this one should be made for comfort. 

9. Build a fairy garden

Grab the fairies and create an amazing garden for them with real flowers, lights, and decorations. A tea party is fine for the dolls, but fairies need something magical. Whether it’s in the nook or a tree or on the grass, making a fairy garden is incredibe fun. 

10. Toilet tube animals

With all the extra toilet paper bought for quarantine, there’s going to be plenty of toilet roll tubes available for arts and crafts. What to do with them? Create some adorably cute animals. Check out the complete instructions

11. Sumo slam session

Play fighting is part of growing up. Like puppies and kittens, kids love to wrestle. While MMA and the WWE may be trendy, there’s nothing better or safer than a sumo slam session. 

Sumo wrestling is a Japanese martial art. The wrestlers start in a circular ring and attempt to wrestle their opponent so they are outside the ring. But the greatest thing about sumo wrestling is the costume. 

The sumo wrestling costume is about more than what they wear. It’s about the size of the wrestlers. Because it helps to be heavier than your opponent so they can’t get you out of the ring, sumo wrestlers have become known for their large size. So you know what that means. 

For your sumo slam session, you’re going to need a costume so your kids can be giant wrestlers too. You can suit up like a pro with an Inflatable Sumo Wrestler Costume or make it yourself with oversized T-shirts from Dad and some pillows stuffed inside. 

12. DIY dollhouse 

Make a dollhouse out of a shoebox. Like the story of Cinderella, you can find the doll that belongs in your dollhouse. All you need is a shoebox, your craft box, and your imagination and it’ll be the perfect fit. 

13. Singing straws

You can make your own musical instrument. Really. It’s not that hard. By cutting straws at different lengths, they make different sounds when you blow into them. So combining different length straws will give you a nifty instrument that you’ve made yourself. It’s the ideal music lesson when you’re stuck at home. Here’s the full guide

14. Marshmallow shooter

Who knew marshmallows could get even more fun? You can shoot the marshmallow right into your mouth. Delicious. Buy one ready to go or make your own

15. Balloon kaboom

This science experiment needs Coke, candy, and balloons. That already sounds amazing for kids. And it only gets more fun as they complete the fizzy, fun, science experiment. 

16. Backyard challenges

The humble backyard can be transformed into an adventure park—with the right perspective. That patch of dirt? It might be holding some valuable coins. That tree? Transform it into a treehouse. With your imagination, the number of backyard challenges has no limits. 

Simple backyard challenges keep the kids busy outdoors. Here are seven challenges to start:

17. Banana ice-cream

It’s the healthiest ice-cream ever—it’s made from bananas! There’s really no easier or more fun way to learn how to cook. It also makes a great prank on an unsuspecting Mum or Dad. Get the details here

18. Learn to code

Computer coding is the language of the future. Imagine if your children started learning that skill right now? It’s never too early for kids to learn to code. Start today right here. The coding challenges are incredibly fun. 

19. Write to a pen-pal

It’s the perfect time to find a penpal. Stuck at home unable to see their friends and needing to practise their English skills, it’s the perfect time to find a new friend to write to. Whether from across the globe, another state, or even a friend from class—it’s always exciting to receive a letter from a friend. 

Want more boredom busters for kids?

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