Top 10 Cool USB Gadgets Australia

Stop limiting your computer’s USB ports on boring items like printers. They’re boring. Have some fun with cool USB gadgets. Whether it’s something to make your work more fun or comfortable, or something that takes a day from good to great, we have the cool USB gadgets you’ll love. So without further ado, here are the top 10 cool USB gadgets…


Top 10 Cool USB Gadgets

1. USB Roll-Up Drum Kit

drum cool usb gadgets
There’s a great saying about drumming – “If you’ve got a problem, take it out on a drum.” However, much of the frustration in people’s lives occurs in the office. But you can’t bring a full-sized drum set into work. So what do you do? You take advantage of this USB Roll-Up Drum Kit. Take it into work, plug it into your computer, and drum your problems away.

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2. Star Wars Stormtrooper Wireframe USB Lamp

If you think Star Wars is the coolest thing in the galaxy, then you’ll agree this lamp is one of the super cool USB gadgets.

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3. USB Retro Fridge Drinks Cooler

Ever been watching a game, or football, or a movie and wanted a drink but not wanted to miss any of the action? Perhaps you’ve daydreamed of the perfect solution a fridge in your lounge room. There’s no need to dream anymore, thanks to this USB Retro Fridge Drinks Cooler – a literal cool USB gadget.

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4. NomadClip – Micro USB Carabiner Charging Cable

Keep this NomadClip on your person at all times. You never know when it’ll come in useful. Phone low? It’ll connect it to your computer. It’s one of the most versatile cool USB gadgets.

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5. Rotating USB Kaleidoscope Light

If you’re going to have a list of cool USB gadgets, it’s compulsory to include a kaleidoscope light. With it, you can turn any room into a nightclub in minutes.

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6. Mini Retro USB Desk Fan

This cool USB gadget will literally keep you cool. Hot days distract you from your work? Not when this fan is attached to your computer.

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7. Toast USB Hand Warmers

Keep your hands toasty warm on cold mornings. It’ll make answering those email that much more pleasant.

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8. Hot Cookie – USB Coffee Cup Warmer

What’s the best thing to have with a hot cup of tea? A cookie. No, not an actual cookie. A Hot Cookie USB Coffee Cup Warmer.

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9. Suck UK Rechargeable USB Bottle Light

bottle lights cool usb gadgets

Add some colour and artistic flair to your next BBQ or dinner party with this bottle light. Your friends will comment what a cool USB gadget it is.

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10. Bright Idea USB Light Bulb

light cool usb gadgets

Light up your night with this USB light bulb. As you work into the night, it’ll help you come up with a bright idea.

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