Coffee is the nectar of the gods. High octane liquid energy. Black gold. We don’t like coffee, we love it a latte. At Yellow Octopus, we’re both connoisseurs of coffee and the quirkiest gifts and gadgets retailer online. So you’re going to love this hilarious collection of funny coffee memes. 

Ready for a  caffeine kick? Then prepare yourself. Monday Morning coffee memes are coming… 

The Funniest Coffee Memes

We gave it our best shot. We can’t expresso how excited we are for you to read these coffee beans. Oops. We mean coffee memes—not beans! We need another coffee…

One truck sized coffee... still not enough. One truck sized coffee… still not enough. 

Your doctor said you need to cut down on caffeine? No worries. One cup per day is fine. 

That coffee hit will have you feeling like Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants.

Coffee truly is the nectar of the gods.

Who’s your favourite coworker? Mine’s the coffee machine. 

Wow. An extra shot of coffee. That coworker is the real MVP.

My preciousssssss.

These memes are the perfect blend of coffee and funny.

Imagine if you could text someone a cup of coffee. Wait, you can. Isn’t that Uber Eats?

When in doubt, have another cup.

Only the nectar of the gods can touch your soul from your stomach. 

One day without coffee is one day too many. 

Coffee is the greatest bean broth imaginable. 

There is no prank more evil than giving someone decaf when they’re expecting regular. 

The more coffee you have, the merrier you will be. 

Step 1. Drink coffee. Step 2. Succeed. 

When in doubt—claim that coffee!

You’re brew-tiful too. 

Coffee is love, coffee is life. 

Have you seen any of these memes before? Maybe you have. Or maybe it’s Déja-brew.

One can never have too much coffee. 

You can’t study without coffee. It’s a fact. 

Even bitter coffee is good. There’s no such thing as bad coffee. 

Lift up the top and make it hip-hop. 

Won a free coffee—with a free coffee? She is the chosen one. 

Wine is great but coffee is better.

Drink the coffee, Luke!

Coffee is the secret of champions.

When the coffee isn’t as good as you wanted it to be, it’ll make you depresso. 

Coffee gives us the energy to drink more coffee. 

Coffee goes in, sarcasm comes out. Simple. It’s like brewing banter. 

If you’re reading coffee memes and drinking coffee, it’s not procrastinating, it’s a double-shot of “procaffination”.

Sorry. I need my coffee first. 

Coffee now. Talk later. 

I love coffee. I do. I’d marry it if I could. 

Coffee is my superpower.

We go bonkers for beans. 

Forget Jack and his beanstalk. Coffee beans are the real magic beans.

Decaf. Don’t even. 

The most valuable thing in this photo is the coffee. 

What’s a barista’s favorite morning mantra? Rise and grind!

Why did the hipster burn his tongue? He drank his coffee before it was cool.

Hey there hot stuff! You’ve almost finished. You’re brew-tiful. Keep reading…

Thanks a latte for reading these coffee memes. It memes a lot to us.


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