Coca-Cola Loves Yellow Octopus And 5 Other Facts


We’re not making it Facebook official just yet, but yes, we’re in an open relationship with Coca-Cola, and we both couldn’t be happier.

It all started one day when Coca-Cola discovered Yellow Octopus’ thirst for happiness – our mission’s had aligned…

We both strive to ‘inspire moments of optimism and happiness’, so it was only natural for Coca-Cola to invite us to be a part of their Coca-Cola Rewards program (CCR).

From there, they carefully selected a range of cool, quirky and super fun products from our website to be showcased on the CCR page, for their lucky, loyal customers.

Don’t know much about Coca-Cola? Well, to start, there is more to Coca-Cola than the sweet-sweet-happiness popping from their bottles.

Yellow Octopus loves Coca-Cola…and 5 other facts

  1. If all Coca-Cola bottles in the world were laid flat, they would reach the moon and back more than 1,766 times.
  2. ‘Coca-Cola’ or ‘Coke’ is the second most recognised term in the world, following ‘ok’.
  3. Haddon Sunblom created ‘Santa Claus’ for a Coca-Cola advertisement in 1931.
  4. In 1991, Coca-Cola invented the first drink bottles made from recycled materials.
  5. In 1886, Coca-Cola was first invented by pharmacist, John Pemberton.


In case you were wondering, here are some of the products Coca-Cola chose to feature as part of their rewards program.

USB Roll-Up Drum Kit | $34.95


Funny Side Up Owl Egg Shaper | $14.95


Radio Controlled Spider | $32.95


Laundry Punch Bag by Suck UK | $39.95


Can’t get enough of our love story? Stay tuned, there will be more to come, but for now head on over to for some good times.

Olli the Octopus

Olli the Octopus

When it comes to normal octopuses, they're usually only interested in finding tasty crayfish, swimming about, and picking their noses. Ollie is no ordinary octopus. Ollie has a vision and with the help of his loyal team he'll see it done. His vision is for Australians all over this land girt by sea to enjoy the world's coolest, craziest and quirkiest gifts, adding smiles to faces and laughter to homes. His dream has finally materialised and now everyone has access to Ollie's collection of awesome doodads.

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