19 Fun Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas Party Ideas

Fun Christmas party ideas are as essential as Santa. There’s nothing worse than a boring Christmas party. Yet there’s nothing better than an epic Christmas Party.

That’s why you need the BEST Christmas party ideas. There’s no better gift to give your friends than an awesome Christmas party.

So here are 19 Christmas party ideas to transform your party from boring to unforgettable.

Your Christmas Party Ideas…

Christmas Party Ideas1. Have a potluck Christmas dinner where every guest brings a dish.


Christmas Party Ideas2. Have an ugly Christmas Sweater party where everyone wears there ugliest Christmas sweater.


Christmas Party Ideas3. Welcome pets as well and have a petmas party.


Christmas Party Ideas4. Take the party to another level with Christmas karaoke – where you can only sing Christmas songs.


Christmas Party Ideas5. Celebrate with a Christmas cocktail party.


Christmas Party Ideas6. Set up a Christmas themed photo booth for some epic selfies.


Christmas Party Ideas7. Set the table with Christmas crackers.


Christmas Party Ideas8. Have a “surprise” visit by Santa.


Christmas Party Ideas9. Organise a Kris Kringle beforehand so everyone gets a gift.


Christmas Party Ideas10. Decorate the front door and set the atmosphere from the moment they arrive.


Christmas Party Ideas11. Send guests home with some Christmas cookies.


Christmas Party Ideas12. Have a crafternoon party and create your own Christmas decorations.


Christmas Party Ideas13. Get your gamers together and have a Christmas gaming party.


Christmas Party Ideas14. Keep it quiet with a Christmas movie marathon party.


Christmas Party Ideas15. A Pancakes and pajamas party will keep it cuddly.


Christmas Party Ideas16. Play Santa limbo. It’s like normal limbo, but you have to put a pillow under your shirt so you have a fat stomach like Santa.


Christmas Party Ideas17. You know the egg and spoon race? Well, replace the egg with a Christmas ornament. It may be a little more difficult and a little more fun after a few drinks.



Christmas Party Ideas

18. Keep the kids entertained with a cupcake decorating party for them.


Christmas Party Ideas19. Be civilised with a Christmas brunch gathering.