13 Classy Christmas Gifts For Teachers


Buying Christmas gifts for teachers is the ultimate dilemma. You want to thank them for all the hard work they put in helping you learn. But you don’t want to look like a suck up in-front of your classmates. What to do?

Well, you must become a master in the art of buying Christmas gifts for teachers. You must learn to buy a present that your teacher will appreciate, and that your classmates will think of as awesome. You must be sincere, yet silly. Friendly, yet funny. To help you do that, we’ve created a list of presents for you.

Forget An Apple On Their Desk, Here Are Gifts Teachers Love

1. Thanks Dark Chocolate Bar

A card with a thank-you note technically says ‘thank-you’, but a thank-you means much more when it comes with chocolate.


2. Set of 2 USB Globe String LED Lights

Teachers live for the moment when they see the metaphorical light turn on above your head. Let them remind themselves of those moments with these Globe String LED Lights.


3. Smart Phone Karaoke Microphone & Earbuds

Does your teacher love the sound of their own voice? Then help them out with this Karaoke Microphone & Earbuds.


4. Angry Face Stress Relief Ball

Did you and your classmates cause your teacher grief? Help them relax with this Stress Ball.


5. Puzzle Cube Magnetic Stationery Organiser

Help your teacher’s desk stay neat and tidy with this fun Stationery Organiser. And of course, it’ll be a reminder for them every day about what a good student you were.


6. Bliss Gel Bead Reusable Eye Masks

Of course you never caused your teacher to lose sleep, but maybe your classmates did. These Eye Masks will help them relax and make up for that lost sleep.


7. The Thank You! Button – 10 Different Thank Yous!

Instead of your teacher losing their voice, let them dish out their appreciation with The Thank You! Button.


8. Gigantic Wine Glass – Holds A Full Bottle Of Wine!

Winding down at the end of a week teaching must be a cathartic experience. Make a contribution to their catharism with this Gigantic Wine Glass.


9. Sausage Dogs Odd Socks Gift Set

Students have strict uniforms. And teachers have strict dress codes to follow. Even if they can’t be too outlandish, these fun socks will help your teacher express their fun personality while abiding by the school dress code.


10. DC Comics Superman Moulded Chest Mug

Controlling a classroom takes a superhuman effort. Your teacher deserves this mug.


11. The French Art of Not Giving a F#ck Book

This is the ultimate book to help teachers deal with classroom chaos. The classroom may be chaotic, but your teacher’s lives don’t have to be.


12. Citrus Zinger Drinking Bottle

Give this to your teacher and they’ll stay hydrated all day long, while enjoying a refreshing hint of lemon.


13. VW Camper Van Pencil Case

Does your teacher consider themselves groovy? If so, they need this too-cool-for-school pencil case.


Want More Gift Ideas?

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