The Top Twelve Christmas Gifts For Friends


Christmas gifts are the ultimate friends test. It shows just how close you really are. So what’s the test? Well, it’s all about the Christmas gifts for friends you want to buy them. If you’re buying a card and slipping some money inside, you’re probably not that close. But if you’re buying them something silly, something outrageous, or something super sweet – you must be close friends.

When you’re only buying a Christmas present for a best friend, you don’t worry too much about price. Yet when you have lots of friends to buy gifts for, the cost can quickly add up. But you don’t have to settle and only buy your best friend a gift. Instead, you can find awesome presents at an awesome price. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to show your friends you care.

So here is a collection of affordable, outrageous, sweet and awesome Christmas gifts for friends that will make them laugh, smile and feel grateful that they’re your friend.

Gifts For Friends To Make Them Laugh And Smile

1. Kan-Yay Love Yo’ Self Vanilla Scented Candle

If you think your friend deserves to love themselves like Kanye loves Kanye, this ‘inspirational’ candle is for them.


2. Smart Phone Karaoke Microphone & Earbuds

There are few things more fun than karaoke with your friends, but for those moments when you can’t get together, your friend can now get their karaoke on.


3. What Do You Meme? Adult Party Game

This game was made for friends. Not family. Friends. See who amongst your friends can create the funniest (and rudest) meme.


4. I’m A Twat Surprise Mug

There’s nothing more fun than pranking your friends. Give your friend that joy. As people sip from this mug it reveals a secret message.  


5. Sunnylife Beach Sounds Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Connect your phone and listen to your favourite tunes with your friends whether you’re in your backyard, in the park or at the beach.


6. Lonely Planet Atlas of Adventure Travel Book

Have you talked about going on an adventure with your friend but still haven’t gone? Gift them this book for Christmas and begin planning your trip.


7. Sunnylife Large Inflatable Tropical Island Float

Spend your summer floating with your friend on this Tropical Island Float. Do summer days get better than that?


8. Guide To The Movieverse: Movie Geek Book


Love watching movies with your friends? Love drooling over Ryan Gosling? Or worshipping Tarantino? Geek out with your friend on movies with this book.


9. Deluxe 200 Piece Poker Set With Metal Case

There’s no better bonding game for friends than poker. Get this Christmas gifts for friends and your group will have a new hobby to share together.


10. Hey Girl Vanilla Scented Candle

While you can’t gift your friend Ryan Gosling for Christmas, this Hey Girl Vanilla Scented Candle is the next best thing.


11. Gigantic Wine Glass – Holds A Full Bottle Of Wine!

Get wild with your friend, a bottle of wine, and this GIANT glass.


12. Sunnylife Tropical Cocktail Kit

Make the ultimate cocktails with this Sunnylife Tropical Cocktail Kit. It guarantees nights with your friends that you may not remember, but you’ll never forget.


Want More Gifts For Friends?

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