11 Awesome Christmas Gifts For Couples


Couples can be difficult to buy for. But finding Christmas gifts for couples doesn’t have to be so hard. The most important things to look for are gifts they can share, be it an experience or activity. If you buy them a gift that helps them create new memories, they’ll love it. So here are some Christmas gifts for couples that’ll help them create new memories.

Gifts For Couples They Both Love

1. Boganology: Monopoly for Bogans

Gift this gift to a couple and they can avoid the cops, wear socks and thongs, and cash in on child support together as they play Boganopoly.


2. Guide To The Movieverse: Movie Geek Book

Geeking out on movies is one of the best couple activities out there. This book will help them take their movie geekiness to a new level.


3. Gigantic Wine Glass – Holds A Full Bottle Of Wine!

Buy this Christmas gift for couples and they won’t only be sharing a bottle of wine… they’ll be sharing a glass.


4. Smart Phone Karaoke Microphone & Earbuds

With this gift couples can do karaoke without leaving the house. After all, karaoke’s more fun at home in your pyjamas dancing like you’re Tom Cruise in Risky Business.


5. What Do You Meme? Adult Party Game

Couples will be crying with laughter when playing this game. It’s the perfect game when another couple comes over to hang out.


6. Queen Bey We Slay Vanilla Scented Candle

Couples can relax by putting on this candle and enjoying some quiet (or not so quiet) time together.


7. Aussie Slang Playing Cards

This Christmas gift for couples will add another dimension of fun whenever they’re playing a card game together. Although, the laughter may give away which card they’re holding.


8. Lonely Planet Atlas of Adventure Travel Book

Buy this book for a couple and they can start planning a new adventure together.


9. Tabletop Fun in a Tin – 8 To Choose From!

Weekends and holidays will never become boring for couples who have these fun games in a tin.


10. Harry Potter Marauder’s Map 1000pc Puzzle

This gift will turn a rainy weekend for a couple into a memorable experience. And achievement – this puzzle is 1000 pieces after all.


11. Sunnylife All-in-One Cocktail Tool

This Cocktail all in one tool, cocktail ingredients, and a couple are all that’s required for an epic Saturday night.


Want More Gifts For Couples?

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