39 Spooky Halloween Jokes for Kids

We love to be scared half to death and we love a laugh on Halloween. Here’s the opportunity to combine the two. While you’re getting the kids ready for trick and treating, with costumes, props and lolly bags, be the court jester and make them laugh, roll their eyes and groan… See, they’re already turning

30 Killer Halloween Puns For Instagram, Facebook

Halloween puns aren’t the most important thing on Halloween. The most important thing on Halloween is an awesome Halloween picture. Yet once you have your costume sorted, you’re not finished. The second most important thing for an awesome Halloween picture, is your caption. And what better caption than a hilarious Halloween pun? There isn’t one!

10 Easy Gift Wrapping Tips to Make Your Present Perfect

10 Easy Gift Wrapping Tips to Make Your Present Perfect The birthday season is year-round. Whether it's a Great Aunt's 90th or your baby's 1st birthday, there's always a milestone to be celebrated. Once you've done the hard work of selecting a set of stylish birthday party invitations and finding gifts they'll love---it's time to