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Gifts For My 18 Year Old Son

So, your baby boy is turning 18. What could be good for him at 18? As he moves to another phase in his life there are several things that you can give him which he can use and amuse himself with. Gadgets Audiobot Beanie Bot Powered Speaker ($34.95)   18 year olds love gadgets. You

What To Get A Friend Who Likes To Garden

Does your best friend love to beautify the foliage and create beautiful landscapes? Is captivating you with the flowers she’s grown a part of her routine? Or does she simply enjoy planting herbs, or perhaps, vegetables at the backyard as a hobby? Why not reinforce her fine talent by sharing some of these pieces which

Music Festival Preparation

Are you a fan of Violent Soho, All Day, the Jezebels, Loon Lake or are you waiting to hear Snow Patrol, Jet the band, the Script, or any of your favourite UK or AUS bands? Are you excited for the music to play and see your favourite artists on stage? Groove in the Moo is

What To Give A Colleague

We doubt you agree with your colleagues all the time, but you still make things work at the end of the day.  Getting your work mates a gift is not easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have thinking about the choices. It’s just a matter of picking a gift that will make them laugh,

Gifts For Geeks

Geeky and funny, these are two words which we should take in to consideration when thinking of a perfect gift for our geek friends. Geeks are sometimes hard to please because of their non-conformist perspective view of the world and life itself. But this should not prevent you from getting that perfect gift for them.

Gifts for University Students

O Week is in full swing! You probably know someone who is starting out for the first time, and some may refer to these first-years as JAFFYs, Freshers, Freshmen…or Newbs. So if you know a JAFFY who is totally clueless, excited and expeditious, you may be looking for a gift to ease them into the