Breathtaking Butterfly Pictures – 5 Minutes of Joy

Butterfly pictures to make your heart flutter

Are you ready to experience the butterfly effect? These stunning butterfly pictures capture nature’s gentlest creature at work. You’ll see butterflies fluttering across fields, visiting flowers, spreading pollen—and spreading smiles. 

21 beautiful and breathtaking butterfly photographs

Love those butterfly pictures? 

Then let’s learn more about this incredible species. Here are some fascinating butterfly facts: 

There are 20,000 varieties of butterflies in the world of which 400 live in Australia.

You can see through butterfly wings because they’re transparent.

Humans taste with their tongue. Butterflies taste with their feet.

Butterflies survive on an all-liquid diet.

A butterfly has to put together its own proboscis (nose).

Butterflies like to drink from puddles.

Butterflies can’t fly when they’re cold.

Butterflies can’t fly as soon as they’re born.

Butterflies employ camouflage to prevent being eaten. 

They use false heads to trick predators.

A few butterflies are carnivorous

Butterflies can have colours humans can’t see.

Some butterflies are a foot long.

Butterflies will land on you if you don’t move around too much.

Some can fly as fast as 40kmh.


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