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Happy Birthday Poems for Him & Her will ensure if your mind’s drawn a blank, we’ve found just the right words for you. And like all the presents you buy, each poem’s a gift because amongst the happy birthday poems are those special words that will ensure your Boyfriend, Brother, Dad, Husband, Son, Kids and Girlfriend, Best friend, Sister, Wife, Mum and Daughter get the best birthday poem.

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FOR HIM – Happy Birthday Poems For Him

BOYFRIEND: Birthday Poems For Boyfriend

I want the day to be perfect

A day full of laughter and glee

So tell your mates you’re busy

And spend it all with me


You’ve made me smile

You’ve made me laugh

You’ve filled my life with joy

So blow out your candles

And make your wish

My happy birthday boy


Everyone says together we’re one

So on your birthday, let’s have fun.


It’s your birthday you deserve the best

So I’m glad I picked you from the rest


On your very special day

I want the world to hear me say

Happy Birthday, My Love.


Happy birthday to the guy…

Who’s been giving

Me sweet dreams

Who gives me

A reason to gleam

Who’s responsible

For my smiles

Who makes Life worthwhile


The toppings on

Your birthday cake

Signify how sweet

My life you make

The candles that

You’ll blow away

Symbolize how bright

You make each day

I hope your birthday cake

Is as sweet as you

I hope that your birthday party

Is as cool as you

I hope that all your friends

Show you a good time

But when all the dust settles

You are all mine

Happy birthday



BROTHER: Birthday Poems For Brother

You’ve always had my back,

I’d never trade you for another.

Here’s wishing you the best,

Happy Birthday, brother


You’re more than my brother

You’re my advisor and mate

So here’s wishing your birthday

Is awesome and great.


Birthdays are great

Though they come once a year

‘Cos I get to come over

And drink your free beer.


It doesn’t seem it’s been a year

Since last we toasted with a beer.

But sure enough the time did pass

And once again I raise my glass

Happy Birthday, brother


Submitted By Monika Hall
Brothers, Can’t be ordered with options
Like Money, Looks or Smarts,
Can’t bring them in to be repaired
Or order extra parts;
Can’t guarantee they’ll be just right
Or change then for another.
So it sure is lucky that you turned out
To be a Super Little Brother.
Happy Birthday


Memories Of Family Times

By Janyce Cotterill

Happy Birthday brother,

May all your dreams come true,

For you deserve the very best,

In life to come to you,

We have a special bond,

Through years of being together,

The memories of those family times,

Is something I will always treasure,

So all the best of wishes,

Are in this card today,

And may the year which lies ahead,

Bring lots of luck your way!


DAD: Birthday Poems For Dad

Thanks for being an awesome Dad

You made us smile when we felt bad

You encouraged us in every way

So we’re going to spoil you on your day

Happy Birthday Dad


It’s your day Dad

Feet up, have a rest

And let us spoil you

‘Cos you’re the best

Happy Birthday



You’ve overlooked

My mistakes, day after day

To you, I know

I have much to repay

To such a father

So lovable and dear

I wish an awesome life

Year after year

Happy birthday


This card comes with lots of love

And wishes for a day of fun all through,

A day of love and laughter, Dad

No-one deserves that more than you.


It’s your birthday Dad

And because we think you’re great,

We’ve brought together all the family

To help you celebrate

Happy Birthday, old man.


HUSBAND: Birthday Poems For Husband

It’s your birthday, you deserve only the best

So put up your feet, have a well earned rest.

The T.V. is yours, your favourite meal I’ll make

And we’ll finish the day with candles and cake.


You’ve been there for me, through thick and through thin,

My friend, my rock, my guide.

You deserve a special day today

‘Cos it’s been an awesome ride

Happy Birthday, darling.


Behind every successful man
There’s a woman, is what they say
But I want to add a few words
To this saying if I may
This well-known axiom
To a great extent is true
But behind every happy woman
Is a loving and caring husband like you
Happy birthday darling


Submitted By Janyce Cotterill

I couldn’t miss this special day,

To wish you all the best,

For you my darling husband,

Are a cut above the rest,

You’re honest. true and faithful,

I love you with all my heart,

So I’m hoping that your birthday,

Will be perfect right from the start.


Happy birthday Hubby

You make my life a joy

So today I’m going to spoil you

My gorgeous birthday boy


SON: Birthday Poems For Son

We’ll blow up the balloons

And hang streamers above

So your birthday is awesome

For the boy we all love


Let’s have a party

And fill the house with noise

To make the day so special

And celebrate our birthday boy


KIDS: Birthday Poems For Kids

They’ll be lollies and games

Jelly, candles and cake

And when we sing happy Birthday

What a noise we will make.


Happy Birthday to you

You live in the zoo

You look like a monkey

And you smell like one too!


FOR HER – Happy Birthday Poems For Her

GIRLFRIEND: Birthday Poems For Girlfriend

A wish for lots of birthday fun

To last until the day is done.

Hoping that all your wishes come true,

and your birthday cake is as sweet as you!I


Your smile always makes my day

It ensures I get a lift

So I saved up all my pennies

To buy this special birthday gift.


Let My Love Show
On this birthday apart
I have just one wish
That I could be with you
to hug and to kiss.
How much do I love you
you may never know
But the next time I see you
I’ll let my love show.
By Andrew Sharp


Happy birthday, my dear friend
I’ll be there for you, till the end
Your love and kindness, shines right through
Our midnight talks, are never few


I want the day to be perfect

A day full of laughter and glee

So tell your girlfriends you’re busy

And spend it all with me


Everyone says together we’re one

So on your birthday, let’s have fun.


It’s your birthday you deserve the best

So I’m glad I picked you from the rest


You’re awesome, you’re neat, you’re super cool,
I hope your birthday really rules.
A better best friend I could never find,
And that’s why I made you this birthday rhyme!



We share each other’s secrets

We know one another inside out

And I’d be truly lost without you

So here’s my Happy Birthday shout.


Happy Birthday to you

Love and best wishes both I send

To the person I tell everyone

Is my truest, bestest friend


I hope all your dreams come true,

for friends like you,

in this world are few.


Best friends share everything

The hugs, a laugh, a tear

But today is just to celebrate

The best day of the year

Happy Birthday BFF


SISTER: Happy Birthday Poems For Sister Or Best Friend

Happy Birthday to my very best friend.

Your special day has come by again.

We had so much fun last time around,

A younger sister was someone I found.


Knowing that you’re there for me

Is such a special thought

So I’ve forgotten all those teenage years

When we so often fought

Now when I need support

Or a good chat with a friend

I know that it’s you sister

That I’ll turn too in the end.

Happy Birthday, Sis


My sister and friend,

A true bond forever,

I love all the moments,

And the time spent together.

My sister and friend,

I’d just like to say,

You’re one in a million,

Have a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday Sister


Remember when we built a fort

And danced under the stars?

And baked some tasty cookies

And rode unicorns to Mars


And now that we are older

Come have some cake and tea

To celebrate your birthday

And spend some time with me.


MUM: Birthday Poems For Mum

Of all the days to celebrate,
This one out shines the rest,
Here’s hoping that your birthday
Is your happiest and best
Love you Mom


Mom, my thank you to you
Should be said every day
For the happiness you impart
And your loving caring way

Have a truly wonderful birthday Mum.


Thoughtful lady, that works so hard,
Always been there, my dear lifeguard.
Places others before herself,
Proud of pictures on her shelf.

When in pain, maintains here smile,
Multi-tasking, she’s versatile.
With all of this; time she finds,
Her love for us, constantly reminds.

On her birthday, just want to say,
I don’t know how, I will repay?
Eternally grateful, I hope she will see,
The greatest mother, she will always be.


Hearts would no longer be warm
Life, be buried deep in a storm
The world wouldn’t be round
Happiness, would nowhere be found
Spring wouldn’t be spring
Love, would be a forgotten thing
The skies wouldn’t be so blue
None of this, if not for you
Happy Birthday Mom


WIFE: Birthday Poems For Wife

Holding your hand warms my heart.

Kissing your lips ignites my soul.

Making a promise, never to depart,

I rely on you, to make me whole.

Another year, and another birthday,

an additional candle lights up the cake.

Need not to count those candles today,

So just enjoy the glow they make!

May this birthday be the best day of your life!


There’s a special place within my heart.
That only you can fill.
For you had my love right from the start.
And I know you always will.
Happy Birthday


You know I love you

And you must know too

That my happiest moments

Are those spent with you

For when we’re together

Or when we’re apart

You’re first in my thoughts

And first in my heart.

Happy Birthday


I draw a circle, not a heart, around you

My wife, the one I love

Because a heart can break

But a circle goes on forever.


DAUGHTER: Birthday Poems For Daughter

You’re our special girl

Who brings laughter and joy

And makes every day so great

So here’s something for certain

We’ll not forget this date

Happy Birthday, sweetheart.


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