Birthday Gifts For A BoyfriendBirthday Gifts For A Boyfriend


Birthdays are important days which we celebrate. Sometimes we spend them by bonding with our loved ones or sharing gifts. Your boyfriend’s birthday is coming up and you want to make it special. You’re looking for the perfect gift for his day, and thinking that the gift should not be so expensive but should at least be funny, quirky, useful and memorable.

Don’t make thinking about it so stressful. We have some cool items for him.

Space Invaders Glow In The Dark Shot Glasses $17.95


Is he a fan of Space Invader? Well then, give him a memorabilia of the game. These shot glasses are good for a bit of alcohol after a long day.

Self Stirring Mug $21.95


Is he so lazy and hates stirring his coffee with a spoon? This is a perfect gift for him then. Just press the button, on the handle, and it’ll stir the drink for him.

Shark Attack Glass $19.95


So, he’s a fan of the movie Jaws. Then he must have this Shark Attack Glass . It’s a nicely crafted glass perfect for parties or whenever he wants to see the movie on DVD.

iSuper Ultimate Battle Robot Tank –Small $69.95


If he likes to imagine that he’s in the army, then, let him maneuver his own tank and feed his highly imaginative mind.

appBlaster Universal iPhone Shooting Game Controller $32.95


Okay, shooting is not really something you are very excited about, but for your mate it is something really fun and exciting. Let him indulge in the game with this shooting gadget. It can work with his smart phone and fantastic for indoors.

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