BIRTHDAY CAKE CANDLES: Everything You Need To Know

novelty birthday candles shooting star

Birthday candles can light up a cake like fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

Yet I think you’ll agree it’s hard to find exciting birthday candles.

Or is it?

Here’s the deal: we have 13 awesome birthday candles that will make any cake exciting and any birthday more fun.

These birthday candles include:

happy birthday candles

> Personalised birthday candles – match their age

novelty birthday candles shooting star

> Sparkler and flameless birthday candles – using LED lights and shaped sparklers

awesome birthday candles

> Novelty birthday candles – from Kaboom, to Shooting Stars to AWESOME

It gets better: After you check out your candles for your birthday cake you can get some inspiration from images of birthday cakes with candles.


Awesome Birthday Candles

1. Kaboom Birthday Candles

kaboom candles

KABOOM!!!! What better birthday surprise than Kaboom Birthday candles? Btw, there’s no need to worry. These Kaboom Candles only look like cartoon bombs. They don’t actually explode like some trick birthday candles. Although the bday girl or boy may explode with laughter…



2. Shooting Star Cake Topper

novelty birthday candles shooting star

Using these novelty birthday cake candles means the birthday boy or birthday girl get TWO birthday wishes. One wish when they cut their cake, and another wish because they saw a shooting star.



3. ‘Awesome’ Birthday Candles

awesome birthday candles

Good birthday candles? Nah. Great birthday candles? Better. Epic birthday candles? Getting warmer. These are AWESOME birthday candles. Literally. If you really want to suck up, you can always write “You’re” on the cake.



4. Shapes & Numbers Birthday Sparkler Candles

sparkler birthday candles

These personalised birthday candles sparkle. Just like the birthday boy or girl’s eyes when they see them. You can customise the sparkler birthday candles numbers have any age, whether it’s a 1st birthday, 18th birthday, 21st birthday, 25th birthday, 30th birthday, 40th birthday, 50th birthday, 60th birthday, 70th birthday, or anything in-between. Number birthday candles suit any age (especially 21st birthday candles).



5. Blokz Building Blocks Party Candles

kids birthday candles

These are the PERFECT kids candles for birthdays. Especially kids that love their Lego. These adorable novelty birthday candles are always a hit at kids birthday parties. Happy birthday candles can be fun and cute.



6. Flamingo Cake Candles

flamingo birthday candles

RANDOM BAD DAD JOKE ALERT: “When my wife told me to stop impersonating a flamingo I had to put my foot down.” If you use these funny birthday candles on your birthday cake, you can expect to hear a bad flamingo dad joke. But these flamingo birthday candles make up for the bad dad jokes.



7. Pineapple Candles | Sunnylife

candles in pinepapple shape

There has been an age old debate, going back to the stone age, about whether pineapple belongs on pizza. We don’t care. Why? Because all that matters is that Pineapple Candles DO belong on your birthday cake. Happy birthday candles should look fruity and fantastic.  



8. Enjoy Flameless Classic Wax Candles

LED flameless birthday candles

Whaaaaaaat??? Flameless? Waxless? And still a candle? This sounds more complex than deciding how to celebrate when your birthday falls on Christmas. It’s actually quite simple. Really. While they look like real flickering candles, they are really LED birthday candles. You get all the romance of candles with all the ease of lightbulbs. Flameless birthday candles for the win.  



9. Colour Flames Party Candles | 12 Pack

Coloured birthday candes - red and white

These candles look normal. Until you light them. They don’t only have awesome colours – their flames aren’t the usual orange/ white flame… they’re everything from red birthday candles, to yellow, purple, blue, green red and white birthday candles. FYI, they make for an insane Instagram pic.  



10. Sunnylife Watermelon Candles

watermelon candles bday

A watermelon without seeds is AMAZING. But a birthday without candles is sad. Whether you’re having a kids party or a more sophisticated soiree, these stunning Watermelon Candles add some fruity fun. Happy birthday candles can be more creative than a normal candle.



11. You Are Something Special Scented Candle

fancy birthday candles

This candle reads “You Are Something Special”. Wow. Fancy birthday candles can have a sweet message so it doubles as a card. While we don’t actually recommend you don’t buy a card, and we also don’t recommend you put this candle on top of a cake – it is a thoughtful addition to a birthday. It makes people feel special. Loved.



12. Flikz Lighter Candles (pack of 6)

lighter birthday candles

70th birthday candles are even exciting to grandpas. If your grandpa like a cigar with his whiskey, these Lighter candles are a fun addition to his birthday cake. Although if grandpa’s vision isn’t too good, make sure he knows they are birthday cake candles and not actual lighters.



13. Day of the Dead Skull Candle Large

skull candle

Cool birthday candles may not be for Great Aunty Margaret, but you may know someone that loves skulls. While it doesn’t belong on a cake (unless you are baking the world’s biggest cake), it will set the atmosphere at any birthday party. Or any romantic birthday dinner.



14. Sunnylife Large Watermelon Scented Candle

big watermelon candle scented

Can you smell that delicious watermelon? No? You can’t? Well then you need to buy this scented watermelon candle. What better way than a watermelon candle to build a happy atmosphere? And they’re great 30th birthday candles for a more mature occasion.



15. Wax & Wine: Wine Stopper LED Candle

What’s the one thing besides candles thing that can make a birthday more romantic? You got it. Wine. Even better, it uses an LED light so it’s always ready to go. They make them not only awesome led birthday candles but an awesome birthday gift.



Which was your favourite? FYI, they are easily available if you’re after birthday candles from Australia. They are shipped from Melbourne, but available throughout the whole of Australia. Whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Hobart, Brisbane, Canberra or Adelaide you can make sure they arrive on your doorstep for your birthday bash.  


The Battle For Who Invented Birthday Candles

Birthday cake candles didn’t just pop into existence. They had to have come from somewhere. Bday candles sitting atop birthday cakes have to have a history.

But what is the origin of the humble birthday candle on a cake? Who thought it would be a good idea to put a flaming stick on top of an already cooked birthday cake you’re about to eat? Did the pharaohs use gold birthday candles?

Albeit, it is NOT a simple story. There’s a conflict. A fight. A birthday battle. There are three main theories or origin. Perhaps you’ll be able to detect which you believe is true or false.


The Greek Happy Birthday Cake Candles Origin Story

The early Greeks had a goddess named Artemis. They would worship her birth on the sixth day of every month. How? You guessed it. With candles. They celebrated her birthday with a candle. However, there was no cake involved.


The Pagan Happy Birthday Cake Candles Origin Story

In the history of paganism, fire has long been used in certain rites. Candles, it is told, hold symbolic power for pagans on their birthdays.

Perhaps it had something to do with warding away evil spirits. Why? Well, in the past pagans believed that evil spirits visited people on their birthday. To protect them, pagans would make lots of noise and be merry to scare the evil spirits away.

Perhaps birthday cakes with candles were either a way of making the birthday celebrant merry or scaring off the evil spirits by themselves.

The German Happy Birthday Cake Candles Origin Story

During the 18th century in Germany, candles were actually used on birthday cakes. The practice can be traced back to Kinderfest – a birthday celebration for children. The birthday festival was what we’d call a party. And people would bake a birthday cake and stick candles in it.

We even have the story of a large birthday festival held in 1746 for Count Ludwig von Zinzendorf:

“There was a Cake as large as any Oven could be found to bake it, and Holes made in the Cake according to the Years of the Person’s Age, every one having a Candle stuck into it, and one in the Middle. … when it was time for dessert, the prince’s entire livery in full regalia entered, led by the majordomo. He carried a generous-size torte with colourful flaming candles – amounting to some fifty candles – that began to melt and threatened to burn down, instead of there being enough room for candles indicating upcoming years, as is the case with children’s festivities of this kind.”

As the story illustrates, the tradition at the time was to place one candle on the cake for each year of the individual’s life, so that the number of candles on top of the cake would represent the age.

This is the oldest and clearest example we have of candles being used on birthday cakes at a birthday party. It appears the Germans have had the strongest influence on candles for birthdays and modern birthdays today. Although the Swiss may have had an impact.


The Swiss Happy Birthday Cake Candles Origin Story

In 1881, in Switzerland, the tradition of blowing out candles on the birthday cake was evident. It was a superstition. There was a candle for every birthday they had. And they would then blow out birthday candles, one at a time.

Since then, the birthday candle tradition has remained the same. We have happy birthday cake with candles. And it has spread across the entire globe. Birthday candles are blown out in Melbourne, London, Berlin, New York and even Japan. Happy birthday candles are part of our global culture.


What Actually Are Birthday Candles?

What are birthdays?

Birthdays are the anniversary of the day a person is born.


What are candles?

Candles are a cylinder block of wax with a wick that runs through the centre and produces light when it burns.


What are birthday candles?

Candles for birthdays sit atop the birthday cake. The number of candles represents the age the person is turning. Birthday cake and candles belong together like Christmas and Santa.