Baking Ideas: 5 Quick Tips To Make Baking Easier


The key thing with baking ideas is not to go in half-baked. A baker, like a boy scout, needs to be prepared. And preparation requires; a recipe, ingredients and all the necessary baking utensils. So the first step is to ensure you have all the kitchen tools and implements to ensure both you and your baking ideas rise to the top. As Julia Child, the iconic American cook and baker said, “No one is born to cook, one learns by doing.” So here are some baking ideas to get you started…


1. The Start: Setting Up Your Kitchen

 Let’s first look at setting up your kitchen. The kitchen of course, is the heart of the home and as the baker you’re its soul. Clearly you’re going to need a rolling pin that can be adjusted to roll everything from tart toppings to pie toppings and a non-slip silicone pastry mat. Here’s a few simple puff-pastry tart baking ideas to get you started.


2. The Outfit: Aprons and Oven Mitts

Of course you want to look good in the kitchen. Nigella Lawson, like her deserts, always comes up a treat by ensuring she’s wearing an apron. All great bakers know an apron is just a cape on backwards. And baking ideas are fun, so be adventurous with your choice of apron. Your other essential is the trusty oven mitt.


3. The Necessities: Measuring Cups and Spoons

Baking ideas are all about precision. Forget, “just a pinch of this and a dollop of that.” Those afternoon T.V. cooks have been cooking forever. A set of measuring cups and measuring spoons removes all the guesswork. And whilst a baker shouldn’t be afraid to take ‘whisks’, perfection triumphs. Here’s some easy 4 ingredient treats that are sure to please.


4. The Tools: Baking Ideas For a Delicious Cake

And don’t forget about baking a cake. After all, happiness is a cake in the oven. To ensure you bake the perfect cake ensure the egg whites are separated and your cake mixture fluffy and light. For this you’ll need a yolk separator, and a carousel of spoons and spatchelors. And in cake baking, timing is everything, so a good kitchen timer is essential. If you want to practise,try this basic butter cake that’ll melt in the mouth. 


5. The Next Generation: Teach The Little Bakers How To Bake

The best time to introduce kids to baking ideas is when they’re young. Kids love cookies and they’ll love baking cookies with cookie cutters that are customisable. And if the tribe’s still hungry, and what tribe isn’t, teach them how to bake a crispy sourdough loaf in next to no time.

So whether you’re a baker who’s a master of the oven or a recently inspired newbie, ensuring your kitchen has all the right baking implements is the first step to baking ideas success. So shake it, bake it and apply these baking ideas in your own kitchen.