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10 Jolly Aussie Christmas Songs (With Lyrics!)

And we’ve made these Aussie Christmas songs even better—by adding the lyrics for every song. So you can have a singalong on Christmas day. They’re great for the kids, oldies, and whole family. And you know there’s some absolutely cracking Aussie Christmas song lyrics and lines amongst these carols.  While Aussie Christmas songs make the

27 Notorious Ned Kelly Facts

Here’s all you need to know: The Ned Kelly Facts. On the verge of succumbing to the humdrum life of the mid-1800s rural Victoria, Ned Kelly began life as a notorious bushranger. But when his mother was unjustly imprisoned, he had to stand up to the authorities—before the Australian underdog fighting spirit was lost.  Love

25 Hilarious Pick-Up Lines

Pick-up lines may be corny, but you’ve got to start somewhere. And if you can get them smiling, the battles half won. So take a deep breath, march across the room and give it your best line. And if you’re short of the magical ice breaker try one we’ve prepared for you… Btw, these pick


“Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious,” said the seriously silly Oscar Wilde.  Pop-culture is the same. Shows like Doctor Who, Stranger Things, and Game of Thrones can seem anything but serious. They are fun, they are adventures, they are exciting. But

mark twain quotes

50 Classic Mark Twain Quotes & Sayings

Why are Mark Twain’s quotes still so relevant today? Author Jerome Loving said, “The best kind of humour is pretty serious, and Twain’s jokes go to the roots of human nature. It’s humour that doesn’t depend on its own time. It’s universal.” And that, is the key to unlocking his greatness. They’re timeless and universal.