Olli the Octopus

Simpsons Lego House Goes To Market!

The Simpsons. For a more grand opening, just read that like the long-drawn-out opening of the World’s favourite animated series (See: The Simpsoooooons). Whatever happens in this next episode is up to you, and that’s all thanks to Lego and Twentieth Century Fox joining hands. The combined forces of these super-brands have led to the creation

Yellow Octopus Get Some WTF?!

If you are looking for the World Twerking Federation, you’re in the wrong place. Although, you better hope your figurative pockets are as big as Miley Cyrus’ (Chief Twerker), if you plan on adding any WTF products to your e-basket. As part of our ongoing effort to provide Australians with the best, unusual gifts, gadgets

Eyes and Ears on the Monocle

Native Union’s latest retro-inspired invention is making Oscar The Octopus trip over all his eight limbs! If you consider yourself a bit of a hipster, this may make you drop your caramel-whipped-decaf-soy-latte. Now, keep your eyes in focus because we’re about to introduce you to something a lot less mainstream than those Dr Beats or…