50 Fair Dinkum Aussie Slang Words, Phrases & Sayings

Crikey. If you’ve ever been at a barbie when an argy-bargy broke out over exactly where ‘woop woop’ is, you know how serious the true blue Strayans take their Aussie slang words.

Now, if you didn’t understand that last sentence, no wukkas (no worries). This post is going to explain all the best Aussie slang phrases, words and sayings.

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Ready for Aussie slang 101? Then grab the ankle biters (kids), sus it out (check it out) and discover exactly what the John Dory (what’s the story?) is with Aussie slang words, phrases and sayings. You beauty.

25 Aussie Slang Words (Fair Dinkum!)

Ankle Biter = Child

E.g. Don’t forget to pick up the ankle biter from daycare.

Argy-Bargy = A Fight

E.g. Davo got into an argy-bargy with Tezza over some sheila.

Barbie = A BBQ

E.g. Turn the barbie on and let’s cook some snags (snags = sausages).

Bloody Oath = Absolutely True

E.g. Are those snags ready? Bloody oath they are.

Bogan = Unrefined Aussie

E.g. The Bogan had a ripper of a Southern-Cross tattoo.

Budgie Smugglers = Bathers

E.g. I wish Tony Abbett didn’t wear those red budgie smugglers.

Cactus = Broken

E.g. The barbie has been cactus ever since it got knocked over in the argy-bargy.

Chockers = Packed Full

E.g. The fridge is chockers with tinnies (tinnies = beer).

Crikey = An Expression of Surprise

E.g. Crikey! Those budgie smugglers are chockers.

Deadset = True

E.g. Is Crocodile Dundee really the greatest film ever made? Deadset it is.

Fair Dinkum = Genuine

E.g. A fair dinkum Aussie barbie will never go cactus.

Grommet = A Young Surfer

E.g. The grommet got a fair dinkum 9-foot wave.

Knickers = Undergarments

E.g. Don’t get your knickers in a twist.

No Wukkas = No Worries

E.g. No wukkas about the argie bargie. Don’t get your knickers in a twist.

Pash = A Long Passionate Kiss

E.g. The pash gave her pash rash (pash rash = irritated skin from making out with someone with a beard).

Ripper = Brilliant

E.g. That pash was an absolute ripper.

Shark biscuit = Kids At The Beach

E.g. Keep your eyes on the shark biscuits.

Sheila = Aussie Lady

E.g. Davo and Tezza agree that Sharon is a ripper of a sheila.

Skippy = An Australian

E.g. Not every skippy is a bogan, but every bogan is a skippy.

Sook = To Sulk

E.g. Tezza had a big sook when Sharon started dating Davo.

Straya = Australia

E.g. Our land down under is known as Straya to the locals.

Ta = Thanks

E.g. Ta for the tinnie.

True Blue = Genuinely Australian

E.g. A bogan wearing budgie smugglers at a barbie is fair dinkum true blue.

Yank = An American

E.g. No yank sheila compares to one from Straya.

You Beauty = That’s Great

E.g. These yellow budgie smugglers are on sale. You beauty!

Woop Woop = Middle of Nowhere

E.g. He lives out past Wagga Wagga in woop woop.


Now we’ve masters Aussie slang words, let’s take a look at the best Aussie slang phrases and sayings.


25 Aussie Slang Phrases & Sayings (Give Em A Burl!)

A Few Kangaroos Loose In The Top Paddock = A Strange Person

E.g. I first realised he’s got a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock when he wore his budgie smugglers to a family barbie.

Any Tick of the Clock = Any Moment Now

E.g. The grommet will catch a wave at any tick of the clock.

Arse Over Tit = To Fall Over

E.g. Grandma tripped over an ankle biter and went arse over tit.

Better Than A Kick In The Backside = Not Bad

E.g. Grandma didn’t break a bone, so that’s better than a kick in the backside.

Bob’s Your Uncle = And There You Have It

E.g. Give him some thongs, a ute, a Southern-Cross tattoo and Bob’s your uncle—he’s a bogan!

Can’t Be Stuffed = Can’t Be Bothered

E.g. I can’t be stuffed to give it a burl.

Carrying on like a pork chop = Acting Unreasonable

E.g. He was carrying on like a pork chop when his team lost the footy.

Fair Crack Of The Whip = Give It A Fair Go

E.g. You’re saying I’ve got a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock? Give it a fair crack of the whip!

Give it a burl = Give it a go

E.g. You should give it a burl, even if you might end up arse over tit.

Have A Captain Cook  = Have A Look

E.g. Just have a captain cook and Bob’s your uncle—you’ll find your keys.

Howzit goin’? = How Are You Going?

E.g. Aussie: Howzit goin’? Yank: What?

Mate’s Rates = Discount For Friends

E.g. My tattooist said he’ll do the Southern-Cross on my back for mate’s rates. Bloody legend.

On The Sauce = Drinking Alcoholic Beverages

E.g. Robbo’s on the sauce and he’s givin’ it a fair crack of the whip.

Pull Ya Head In = Stop Acting Unreasonable

E.g. Pull ya head in and forget the argy-bargy.

Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes = Trick Someone

E.g. The second-hand car salesman is trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

She’ll Be Right  = It’ll Be Okay

E.g. It’s only a light hurricane, she’ll be right.

Six of one, half a dozen of the other = More Or Less

E.g. It doesn’t matter if you go to Wagga Wagga or woop woop, it’s six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Spit The Dummy  = Throw A Tantrum

E.g. Isn’t Grandma a bit old to spit the dummy?

Sus It Out  = Check It Out

E.g. How’s the surf? Let’s go sus it out.

Tall Poppy Syndrome = Disparaging Successful People

E.g. I don’t have tall poppy syndrome, but BMX shouldn’t be an Olympic sport.

Tell Him He’s Dreaming = He’s Asking For Too Much

E.g. The bloke from the Trading Post wants $700 for jousting sticks? Tell him he’s dreaming.

Two-pot Screamer = A Person Who Can’t Hold A Drink

E.g. You know he’s a two-pot screamer so he’s gonna spit the dummy at any tick of the clock.

Waiting For A Mate = I’m Minding My Own Business

E.g. Police: What are you doing drunk in your car? Man: I’m just waiting for a mate.

What’s The John Dory? = What’s The Story?

E.g. I heard Grandma went arse over tit, what’s the John Dory?


There you have it. That’s the down-low on what to say down-under. Consider it your crash course on common Aussie slang words and funny Aussie slang phrases you can use in Australia. It’s not quite an Aussie slang dictionary, but it will help you know what’s the John Dory down-under.

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