50 Legendary Aussie Movies

Aussie Movies

Us Aussies are a bit too modest about how legendary our movies are. In fact, we started the feature film trend. The first feature length multi-reel film was a 1906 Australian production, The Story Of The Kelly Gang. Aussies stand up and take a bow. It’s important Australian trivia and part of the Australian lifestyle. And we’ve been rolling out epic Aussie Movies ever since, from The Castle, to The Dish, to Crocodile Dundee. So we’ve put together a list of classic Aussie Movies for you to sit back and enjoy…

Best Aussie  Movies For Kids (And The Whole Family)

Kids movies are really ‘everybody movies’. These wonderful Aussie Movies are perfect for getting together as a family for your Saturday night treat. Popcorn for the kids, tissues for Mum (and Dad). Two hours of spellbinding enjoyment awaits. These are Aussie Movies for the whole family:

> Babe

> Storm Boy

> Red Dog

> Happy Feet

> Kenny

> Oddball

> The Dish

> Paper Planes

> Where The Wild Things Are

Best Classic Aussie Movies

A classic movie stands the test of time. They’re timeless, enjoyed repeatedly. These classic Aussie Movies perfectly define what’s a ‘classic movie?’. In fact, they’re so powerful, their famous lines become part of our lingo. Who hasn’t said at a backyard BBQ, “That’s not  a knife, this is a knife.” Or on winning an award, boasting, “This is going straight to the pool room.” So get yourself comfortable and curl up with a classic:

> Mad Max

> The Castle

> Muriel’s Wedding

> The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert

> Crocodile Dundee

> Gallipoli

> Rabbit Proof Fence

> Strictly Ballroom

> Australia

> Breaker Morant

Best  Dramatic Aussie Movies

Is it the screenplay? Is it the acting? Is it the themes? Is it the setting or the costumes? It’s all of these features. These are the Aussie Movies that exhilarate you, confront you, and challenge you. These are the dramatic Aussie movies that you can’t wait to tell friends about:

> Lantana

> Chopper

> Animal Kingdom

> The Water Diviner

> The Man From Snowy River

> Sunday Too Far Away

> The Sum Of Us

> Mao’s Last Dancer

> Shine

> Sweet Country

Best Thriller / Horror Aussie Movies

You know what they say… “If you ever feel lonely, just put on a horror movie and you’ll soon sense somebody else is in the house with you.”  These super scary Aussie Movies are guaranteed to have you squirming and screaming. And that’s exactly what we want from our Aussie horror movies. So buckle up, sit back and don’t even try to relax. Here are our best scary movies:

> Wolf Creek

> The Loved Ones

> Picnic At Hanging Rock

> Rogue

> Triangle

> Wake In Fright

> Road Games

> Dead Calm

> Patrick

> Babadook

Best Rom-Com Aussie Movies

How romantic is it cuddling up on the couch watching a great Aussie movie with your partner? These movies shouldn’t be kept just for Valentine’s Day. A chocolate treat, dimmed lights and movies that make you laugh and cry makes for a romantic night. Go on, select one of these beauties and make it a date:

> Any Questions For Ben

> The Sapphires

> The Little Death

> The Dressmaker

> Ali’s Wedding

> Bran Nue Dae

> Not Suitable For Children

> Paperback Hero

> Better Than Sex

> Holding The Man

These great Aussie Movies have made their mark on the world stage. Now they deserve to make their mark in your lounge-room. So get comfortable, sit back, and enjoy hours of entertainment from your own ‘backyard’.