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Categorised Birthday Messages (For Quick & Easy Selection)

Who’s your birthday message for? Select a category for a personalised message: – Friend –Boyfriend –Girlfriend–Husband–Wife–Mum–Dad–Brother –Sister – 1st–18th– 21st–30th–40th–50th–60th–70th–Funny–Cute–Facebook   For example: Cute: I love you more than I love pizza. Funny: Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake. 30th: 30 is 3 perfect 10s. Happy 30th.   FUNNY –

Australian Gin: The Ultimate Guide (Plus 17 Must Try Gins)

Are you a gin lover wanting to know more about Australian Gin? Everyone loves supporting local producers wherever possible, but with new distilleries popping up all the time, it’s hard to stay on top of what’s out there. Gin is well and truly in fashion, which makes sense given that it’s delicious!   But where


10 Jolly Aussie Christmas Songs (With Lyrics!)

And we’ve made these Aussie Christmas songs even better—by adding the lyrics for every song. So you can have a singalong on Christmas day. They’re great for the kids, oldies, and whole family. And you know there’s some absolutely cracking Aussie Christmas song lyrics and lines amongst these carols.  While Aussie Christmas songs make the

12 Horrifying Halloween Masks (Scary Scary Masks!)

The best scary Halloween masks make ghosts gasp and ghouls scream. While some Halloween costume party masks make us blush, these scary masks give us goosebumps. It’s surprising how much a latex mask can make us feel. The horror faces on these realistic masks feel all too real and all too scary. So for Halloween

27 Notorious Ned Kelly Facts

Here’s all you need to know: The Ned Kelly Facts. On the verge of succumbing to the humdrum life of the mid-1800s rural Victoria, Ned Kelly began life as a notorious bushranger. But when his mother was unjustly imprisoned, he had to stand up to the authorities—before the Australian underdog fighting spirit was lost.  Love

fathers day puns

29 Pun-derful Fathers Day Puns⁠

Writing this list of Fathers Day puns was quite the pun-dertaking. But we’ve put the pun in the oven and have come out with some pun-derful pun-ch lines. In fact, these Fathers Day puns have groan on me. Like bad Dad jokes, they’re so bad—they’re good. We’re pun-ching above our weight. You could say they’re

50 Fathers Day Quotes By Presidents, Authors & Movie Stars

Fathers Day quotes are meaningful, but that’s only because of how much Dads mean to their kids. So while this collection of Fathers Day quotes are written by popular presidents, classic authors, and beloved movie starts—the Dads are the real heroes. In fact, many of the very best quotes are written by ‘unknown’—undoubtedly, grateful children