9 Things To Do With Kids When It’s Raining

Rainy days don’t have to be gloomy. They can be fun for kids even if you decide to stay indoors with them or even play outside in the rain.

We have a few tips for you on how to have a great time during rainy days.

Scrabble Pencils in a Tin $13.95


  1. How about a scrabble game with them on a rainy morning or afternoon? Try these scrabble pencils to take note of your scores and they can even be used for creative doodling or drawing.

 Muffin Tops – By Fred  $26.95


  1. Bake your favourite muffins with the kids. Make baking a bonding time with them as you cook your favourite muffins or cupcakes.

 Electronic Drumsticks $22.95


  1. Sing in the rain and play some music with your kids. These electronic drumsticks will help you have fun making music.

Jellycat Bashful Panda $29.95


  1. Cuddle up and have a good afternoon nap on a rainy day.  Let your child hold on to this bashful Panda as he lulls your little one to sleep .

World’s Smallest Laser Guns $7.95


  1. Play with toy guns. These are mess free and can be good for playing sci-fi cops and robbers indoors.

 Tetris Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge $14.90


  1. Complete this Tetris jigsaw puzzle. It’s a colourful and engaging way to spend time on a rainy afternoon.

Official Pac Man Coffee Mug $19.95


  1. Mix and blend theirfavourite warm cocoa drink on a cool rainy day with this playful Pac Man coffee mug.

Blood Splatter Pillow $19.95


  1. Relax and lay down with the kids with this puffy splat pillow.

Pirate& Princess Kids Bath Sponge Donkey Products $12.95


  1. Give your kids a bubble bath. Let them enjoy taking a bath with these bath sponges.

There are more rainy day items at www.yellowoctopus.com.au.





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